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Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

By the power of Grayskull! Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo, and me and my grayskull kitty are going to show you some stretches and exercises for degenerative disc disease for the low back So let’s get started. Sometimes you might also just see it called DDD which is a lot easier to say as you […]

YogaVP 3 _ 35 minutes Yoga for Men’s Health and Fertility

Bonjour, SVP, pratiquez cet exercice avec moi ! Pour faire du yoga, la respiration abdominale est obligatoire Selon chaque posture et votre niveau de yoga, vous pourriez appliquer tout ou une partie des 4 étapes de respiration abdominale suivantes : Inspiration Compression Expiration et Pression SVP, pratiquez avec moi quelques fois! Inspiration Inspirez autant que […]

YogaVT 6 _ Lower Back Love | Yoga for back pain _ P3 _ YogaV Therapy

Hello, To cure a joint-related illness through yoga therapy, the goal of each workout is to first release the muscle mass in the affected area and then return the bones and joints to their true places, and create the best physical and mental conditions for the physiological, metabolic and regenerative processes of the body to […]

7 Minutes Yoga to prevent Sciatica pain

Namaskar! Welcome to SimpleYoga Channel Let’s start with warming up Repeat this if you need more warm up Today I will show you few simple Yoga steps to prevent Sciatica pain First, Janushirasana Breath in and go back; Breath out and lean forward to touch the forehead on knee Next, Brishasana Next, Bajrasana That’s it […]