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Christmas Song Challenge ft. Jack Black

Today we’re going Christmas balls to the wall in our Christmas song challenge. Uh, let’s talk about that. ( rings ) ( fire roars ) Good mythical morning. Today we are going to get secretive with Jack Black, see if this year’s hottest toys are fun for daddies and find out if you can tell […]

Sliding Into Our Pants

( upbeat music plays )Welcome back to the show. When I mention things like the wheel, the light bulb, and the smartphone, I’m not just talking about things that are fun to throw at your enemies from a distance, I’m talking about products that have changed the way we live our everyday lives and you’re […]

Extreme Dancing with the Stars Challenge ft. Lindsey Stirling

– You can talk the talk, – But can you dance the dance. – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) – Good Mythical Morning. – First off, a word of warning, today we are gonna be attempting some extreme dance moves, or at least some dance moves extremely done. I don’t know, I don’t […]

Cockroach Cuddling Challenge

(playful theme music) – Welcome back. – We are hanging out with Jean Franzblau, founder of the Cuddle Sanctuary. Can I call you Cuddle Queen Jean? – I would love that, thank you. – So you’re saying that the cuddle process can actually reduce stress? – Yeah, it lowers cortisol levels, and it also increase […]

Ridiculous Gift Wrapping Challenge

( fire roars ) Now, I’m a very big believer in the gift bag because, A) I’m not very good at wrapping gifts, and B) when you give somebody a gift in a gift bag, they get two gifts– the gift and the bag. Well, that is going to set you up for failure, sir, […]

Make Yourself Hallucinate Experiment

– Today we’re going to make ourselves hallucinate by simply breathing. – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) Good Mythical Morning. – Tripping isn’t just for hippies who take illegal drugs, or people who forget to tie their shoes, no, it can be for everyone now because of something called holotropic breathwork. – Yeah, […]

What Are My Pants? (CHALLENGE)

– Can we guess what weird things each other’s pants are made of? – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) Good mythical morning. – I’ve had a great relationship with pants. They’ve covered my legs and crotch and held my valuables that I’ve carried with me at all times. But lately, I’ve been a […]

What Am I Stepping On? (GAME)

– Something strange is afoot. – [Both] Let’s talk about that. (upbeat music) – Good Mythical Morning! – If you don’t already know, we are thrilled to be handing out more Good Mythical goodness every single day. We’re talking four separate videos that all add up to one extended show. – To join us for […]

Top 3 Cuddling Positions to Try

– Welcome back. – Nowadays you can make anything into a profession, like professional pet therapist or a professional pet couples therapist or professional pet couples therapist therapist. But there’s something I never thought could be turned into a profession and that is professional cuddling. – Yes, professional cuddling is a service where you can […]