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Yoga Seated & Supine Poses : Thunderbolt Yoga Pose

We’re going to review Vajrasana, Thunderbolt Pose. So we’re going to take ourselves out of our sitting pose into our knees so that we’re sitting, “Jen can you turn to the side please?”, so that you’re sitting on your heels. Now, right from the get go, I can tell you this needs to take time […]

Yoga Seated & Supine Poses : Easy Seated Yoga Pose

Hi, in this pose, we’re going to work on Sukhasana, easy sitting pose. It’s a great pose to do your meditation in, so we need to make this pose comfortable for yourself. Being an easy pose, we want to again, plug the sit bones in, create some length in your spine, but check that everything […]

Yoga Seated & Supine Poses : Half Lotus Yoga Pose

Hello. This pose is called ardha padmasana, half bound lotus pose. And its going to be to open up the groins and to prepare you for the rest of your poses. One of the things that you need to be extra careful for is the comfort of your knees in this pose. We’re going to […]

Yoga Seated & Supine Poses : Reclined Hand to Toe II Yoga Pose

Supta Padangusthasana B or II. Again, we’ll start off laying on your back in a supine position, with length in your spine, so it’s not uncommon to have the chin lifted. This is where you’re going to lengthen the back of your head across your mat so that your chin is neutral. And again, other […]

Yoga Seated & Supine Poses : Pigeon Yoga Pose

Pigeon pose, Kapotasana. It’s a hip opener, and you may need a bolster, some blocks, you may need some support in this pose. We’re going to go ahead, and begin ourself in table. And your first job is just to check that the wrists are below the shoulders, check that your knees are in line […]