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Aerobics with Garfield

♪ Hey baby ♪ ♪ You sure look sexy ♪ ♪ (So sexy) ♪ ♪ Standing there, watching me ♪ ♪ I can see the hunger in you ♪ ♪ (So hungry) ♪ ♪ Reaching for your fantasy ♪ ♪ Only you tonight ♪ ♪ My one desire ♪

Burn Fat Fast: 20 Minute Bike Workout

This is a high-intensity interval training spin video. It’s going to be tough, but it’s also going to be fun. Make sure you’ve got water and remember to reyhdrate throughout the class. ♪ [music] ♪ The warm up. You should start this in position one. You should be seated not out of the saddle. Your […]

Honest Gym

So how can I help you? Yea, I’d like to sign up. You know, as part of my New Years resolutions. It’s April. What are your fitness goals? Maybe run a half marathon… Don’t f*ck with me, Vana. How did you know my name? Let’s be honest. Okay? We’re all here to look less repulsive […]

HOT YOGA | Beautiful Hot Woman

Hello, I’m going to show you the torso rotation exercise with added ankle weights If you want to get onto your back Have your lower back pressed firmly into the ground? So there’s no space between your back and the floor. You can have your arms out in a tee for stability And you’re going […]