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Is The Yoga Pants Trend Getting Out of Hand?

randhir trashy were backed with yet another trend about this site or back onto female close to one of my favorite runs the before we get to it and it is the only passed by the way we now have two more trends to add to the board uh… so we’ve got the male jorts […]


*screaming and yelping* Mark: AH JESUS! *calm and tranquil music* Mark: Hello everybody. hello everybody my name is Markiplier and welcome to Friend Yoga My name is Markiplier and welcome to friend yoga. And you- And you- *slaps mat* And you may be wondering and you may be wondering… where’s my friend? where’s my friend? […]


group hug hi guys are obviously freezing I decided to do the yoga challenge now let me tell you something about yoga a lot of athletes pay to warm up and mistake and if you warm up yes right you are putting your body under physical strain and that energy could have been cast but […]

SEXY & FUNNY YOGA fails – Funny fails videos 2019 FFV

[INTRO MUSIC] Whoa! Woo! [SCREAMS] Whoa, awesome! I have that on video! [LAUGHTER] Woo! [LAUGHTER] [CHUCKLES] Ow! [LAUGHTER] [RELAXING MUSIC] [MUSIC – WARNER AND CHAPPELL PRODUCTIONS, “I’M HOT”] You say that they hot as me. That sound like a lie to me. I don’t want apologies. I just want some honesty. Ain’t no way you […]

Couples Try Sensual Yoga

(laughing) – [Ella] I can’t. The size matters. – Okay. (light music) – Today we are teaching partner yoga to couples. It creates a space to be a little bit more intimate, to laugh, and it’s a very different experience connecting with someone else versus connecting just to yourself when you’re practicing on your own. […]