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Forced to Masturbate for College Class?

we talk every once in awhile about human sexuality courses in generally when this comes up the reason that comes up is that assume in the classes i had a proper something has been talk we talk previously about uh… classes ahead pornographic videos shown as part of the the curriculum and obviously every once […]


Alright, so, I’m reviewing some clues Of stuff that I’ve found So I’ve found Antonina’s shredded obituary Which is really strange, I don’t know why it’s shredded but something’s definitely trying to send some message to me I don’t really know but, I also found… this strange substance it looks like salt but it does […]

(EN/日) 레깅스 트라이 온 하울 EP2 [소리]

Sori’s YouTube Channel Coming up next is a pair of leggings by Nike! So these are an actual pair that usually put on whenever I go practicing. They’re very thin and stretch very well. They absorb sweat very well too. So I bought these when I went out shopping with my friends, so when I […]

Cycling Workout – Get Fit With GCN’s 60 Minute Turbo Trainer Class

Let’s start this class. ♪ [music] ♪ These are relatively long intervals, so remember to pace yourself. To keep things interesting during this endurance session, the riding position will vary throughout the entire class. There are no sprints. You’ll have to work for the entire session, but your effort and speed should vary. Try and […]

Professional Twerker: Jessica Vanessa, Vine’s Most Famous Booty Shaker

START 00:03 COMM: Jessica Vanessa is the number one twerker in the world, with 2 million social media followers. 00:09 MAN: I give her a ten out of ten. 00:10 COMM: And the 22-year-old makes a sex figure salary from her online appearances. 00:16 JESSICA: What I make in six seconds would take me like […]

The Essentials of Feeling Sexy!

Good Morning! Happy Friday! So I am so happy that it’s Friday because honestly this week felt like two weeks Craig’s been out of town all week and I feel like I’ve gone from like one activity to the next, to the next, to the next. I sit down on the couch at night, I […]