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OSHO: What Is the Secret of Meditation …

Presents What Is the Secret of Meditation? In my meditation you need not torture yourself in any way. If you love the lotus posture, good; you can sit in it. But Westerners go to India and it takes them six months to learn the lotus posture, and they are torturing themselves so much. And they […]

How to meditate like a Buddhist monk

Besides the sacred Bodhi tree, Venerable Deepam has agreed to teach me the basics of meditation. One more… I find it very hard to sit cross-legged I used to do it as a child but I’ve lost the ability but all Buddhists have to be able to do it Yea, if you’re sitting in this […]

OSHO International Meditation Resort – A Meeting Place of Friends

OSHO presents See where 30 days away from your ROUTINE life can take you! I love it It’s nice, it’s very beautiful to laugh It’s very, very interesting… I love it! Amazing, it is an eye opener lovely It is beautiful Living In Residential Program The OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India is a […]

Guided Meditation Part 1

Let’s take a moment and do this together. Find a place where you can just be comfortable. Guided Meditation with Mooji Part 1 13 September 2009 – Session 1 It doesn’t matter if you are sitting on the floor, on a chair, or you want to lie down. It’s OK, just be comfortable. You may […]