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Teacher Hits On Student | What Would You Do? | WWYD

The teacher The student Ms. Hendersen *Background song* And some very hands-on tutoring Do you think anybody from school, will be here? You let me worry about that. It’s a headline grabing situation Former teacher charged with having sex with a student Britanny Collins is accused of sleeping with five students County teach living guilty […]

Mom lets kids wreak havoc on store | What Would You Do? | WWYD

– Mom, mom. – Go away. Mom Aiden won’t leave me alone. – She totally started it. – Guys, guys quiet down, I’m on the phone. Mommy needs a break. – [John] Traci’s digital addiction to her smart phone has made her a distracted parent and she’s certainly not the only one. The Atlantic just […]

Man insults restaurant customer who has Down syndrome l What Would You Do

[Narrator] The smell of barbecue is in the air at the Minuteman restaurant and pie shop in Morristown, New Jersey. [Lauryn] Hey Peter, you all by yourself today? [Peter] Yep. [Lauryn] Sounds good, right this way. [Narrator] And this hungry regular can’t wait to order. [Lauryn] Here you go. What can I get for you? […]