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Sadhguru on Pyramid Meditation & How Pyramids Affect Prana

Sadhguru: Who became meditative in a pyramid structure? Pyramid was created to keep the dead. Pyramids were built for the dead not for the living. Yes? If you build a pyramid – even if you make a paper pyramid, you can experiment with this. – a pyramid should have an angle of fifty six degrees […]

This Exercise Is All the Help You Need

[chanting] This Exercise Is All the Help You Need 01-04-2017 [Mooji] This season, what has happened is that I … It came to present an exercise with many people, some of you, we’ve tried, done it with you before. And I felt it has been a very easy invitation and facilitating towards the place within […]

Guided Meditation Part 1

Let’s take a moment and do this together. Find a place where you can just be comfortable. Guided Meditation with Mooji Part 1 13 September 2009 – Session 1 It doesn’t matter if you are sitting on the floor, on a chair, or you want to lie down. It’s OK, just be comfortable. You may […]

A Meditation to Find Your True Self

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Allow any thoughts and tensions of the day to fall away. Feel the muscles of your body relax as you let go of any physical tension. Especially the muscles of the jaw and the eyes And any areas that you notice are more tense than others. Feel each muscle […]

This Meditation will Raise Your Dominant Vibration PERMANENTLY

this meditation will change your dominant vibration permanently your vibration is a combination of how you think feel and act and it has been on autopilot this meditation will help you to be in the vibration you prefer which will then change your outer reality as you know it begin by making yourself comfortable either […]

Solo Tantra standing meditation- to improve focus. Unique practice.

I can’t wait to share this. Hello there. Today’s meditation is a moving meditation so you will need a stick or similar item so like I have this item here and it has grooves and then you can gaze upon the middle or I like to just gaze upon the top I’ve even used like […]

OSHO Dynamic Meditation – A Closer Look – First Stage

presents Dr. John Andrews OSHO Dynamic Meditation- – A Closer Look – First Stage Hello everybody We are going to go through Osho Dynamic Meditation. And I am not going to be focusing on all the regular instructions. We will mention everything but particularly we want to look at the areas that are quite complicated, […]

Manifesting Abundance – Cytrine Cave | Guided Meditation

This meditation is best performed whilst lying on your bed or the floor. Let’s begin by getting really comfortable and shutting the outside world out for a while. Close your eyes and settle yourself to get comfortable. In this guided meditation you are going on a journey to a very special and magical place where […]