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The World’s Most Dangerous Meditation (Intro to Meditation Part 4/4)

So, we’ve explored what is meditation, how does it work, what does it do for you, what are some of the mistakes that a lot of us make entering this world of meditation. Well, we’ve already covered that, so let me just cut straight to it. And I’m going to share with you what I’ve […]

Loving Family Meditation | GUIDED AFFIRMATIONS FOR PARENTS | 8 minutes

In this precious and sacred moment we open our hearts and our minds to the living spirit. Alive in us right now. I know that there is a wisdom, intelligence, creativity and joy that is alive in all things right now, that is seeking the highest and best in all things right now. Its in […]

Isha Kriya: A Free Guided Meditation – Sadhguru

Isha kriya is an extremely simple process but a powerful tool. These three ingredients: your breath, your thought, and your awareness in the right combination if you use them, your ability to use the mind and the body is so greatly enhanced, that you almost look superhuman for somebody else. But I’m telling you this […]

The Space of What Is ~ A Guided Meditation with Mooji

The Space of What Is A guided meditation by Sri Mooji 12 January 2016 [Mooji] Om. Let us begin by turning your attention to the fact that the Self has no beginning. It has no sense of duration or end. So even the sense of beginning is only an invitation to turn our attention … […]

Why Do People Go to the Himalayas to Meditate? | Sadhguru

So the very reason why we take people into the mountains is to make them experience the mystical dimension of the Himalayas, we are not a tourist company. If you go there by yourself the enormity of the mountains, the natural beauty of the mountains is so overwhelming that you will just be gaping at […]

You Are Silence Itself ~ Guided Meditation with Sri Mooji

Guided Meditation You Are Silence Itself [Mooji] Try and feel just the sense of being. You don’t need to be imaginative for this. So, don’t create. There’s nothing to create. Simply just by staying empty, in the pulse of being there’s just the sense of being. Look and feel. It has no story. It has […]

Infinity Guided Meditation From Sadhguru – 13 mins

What is finite and what is infinite? When we say finite, we are talking about an entire number system. Mathematics means, from one to nobody knows what’s the last number because we don’t know the last number, we said infinite. Finite means we can count, what we cannot count we will create calculators. What a […]