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yoga exercises for leg weakness ⛹ stretching exercises for legs and hips

hi my name is Sarah and welcome to jivayogalive today’s video is about stretching exercises for legs and hips thank you for joining us here at Dubai over life make sure you subscribe to our Channel and hit that notification bill so you don’t miss any of our future videos namaste today’s video is about […]

How to Do the Splits | Yoga for Splits

Hi I’m Jean Mazzei. This is about juicy hips and we’re gonna work your splits so if you need a nice down and dirty way of kind of getting into the hips get a nice and open all the way around leading you into a better splits practice, this is your jam. So let’s enjoy. […]

Yoga For Leg Flexibility ♥ Get You Full Splits

Hey guys welcome to your flexibility beach yoga were on a beautiful beach in St Lucia and I have a 10 min sequence for you that will help you get flexibility in your legs especially in your hamstrings and your hips so if you’re ready find some space grab a mat and lets do this […]

Hip Opening Yoga ♥ The Hipster Release | Wanderlust Yoga

hey guys welcome to your hip release yoga today is going to be a 10 minute yoga sequence thats going to focus on opening your hips if you’ve been sitting a desk for a really long time or travelling on an airplane or perhaps even over working through hiking or walking u feel tightness in […]

Energizing Yoga Flow ♥ Complete Full Body Yoga

Hey guys welcome to to your oceanside flow yoga today is only a 10 min sequence that is going to get your blood flowing through your body help you wake up your mind and fully recharge your batteries so when you’re ready find some space lets grab a mat and lets do it alright guys […]


*screaming and yelping* Mark: AH JESUS! *calm and tranquil music* Mark: Hello everybody. hello everybody my name is Markiplier and welcome to Friend Yoga My name is Markiplier and welcome to friend yoga. And you- And you- *slaps mat* And you may be wondering and you may be wondering… where’s my friend? where’s my friend? […]

How to Do the Splits

How to Do the Splits. Before you take the ultimate flexibility challenge, follow these important steps to prevent injury. You will need Flexibility and time to practice. Never bounce while stretching. Step 1. Warm up for at least five minutes before you begin stretching. Step 2. Sit on the floor with your legs straight in […]

【How To: Get Your Splits FAST!】No Equipment At-Home Routine

hi everyone its Melanie marina so in this video I’m going to be sharing with you very quick and easy healthy stretches that anyone can do at home even while watching TV and then I’m also going to be sharing with you a full routine that you can follow along and do with me as […]