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What is an Exercise Physiologist?

>>An exercise physiologist is a health professional who has a degree in Exercise Physiology. Their study includes courses in biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, biology, and then exercise physiology, which is really the study of the acute and chronic effects of exercise on all the systems of the body. So you do not need a prescription […]

Hand Exercises for Gamers

Hello there, if you are a gamer or you are sitting on a pc or playing on the gamepad all day, you should do my finger hand routine that i’m going to show you right now. You will benefit from it with stronger fingers and it will prevent injuries and long term tendonitis. Let’s go. […]

BSc Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences

Our degree in Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences explores how the human body and mind function; how they create and control movement, and how they respond to exercise. As we understand these fundamental sciences, we learn to apply them to a whole variety of contexts. There was a strong health focus of the course which […]

Pilates – Level I – Mat Exercises

Hundred (Breathing exercise) Roll Up One Leg Circle Rolling Like a Ball Single Leg Stretch Double Leg Stretch Single Straight Leg Stretch Double Straight Leg Lower Lift Criss Cross Spine Stretch Forward (Breathing Exercise) Open Leg Rocker Prep Corkscrew I Saw (Breathing Exercise) Swan I – Neck Roll Schoulder Bridge Prep Side Kick Series: Front […]