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Advanced Individualization: The Overhead Pattern | NSCA.com

[CRASH] [HEAVY SWOOSH] [INAUDIBLE] [APPLAUSE] Thank you, guys, for coming out. 8:30 AM comes quick. I know you guys were doing a lot yesterday, so it means a lot to me that you’d wake up early and spend the morning with me talking about overhead position. So, as Mike alluded to, I’ve spent my career […]

Single Leg Strength Mobility Game – Stick Mobility Exercises

What’s up everybody? We’re gonna show you another game and this one’s gonna challenge your single leg strength and ability to move on a single leg. So, Dennis is gonna set up. He’s got the stick on one side for stability and here are the rules. With the hand that’s not on the stick he’s […]

Why Strength Should Be Your Gym Goal | Living Healthy Chicago

(upbeat music) A lot of women go to the gym with the goal of a weight loss but in today’s motivation to move, we’re gonna find out why your goal should be gaining strength and not getting skinny. So today I with Monica at Club 33 to talk about it some more. Monica, tell us […]

When to Use Different Kinds of Barbells in the Gym

what’s up guys Joe Bennett Josh Vogle here with redcon1 and we’re going over some tips as far as when would you use different types of bars so we’re gonna cover again some straight bars and cambered bars trap bars safety squat bar and specifically in this video we’re gonna talk about the Swiss bar […]

“What is Exercise?” Episode 6/Proven Solution!

Hey, what’s up everybody? Today I want to share with you how Milton’s Strength Training eliminates back and neck pain by exercising in ten minutes, three days a week. Alright! Here we go! In our previous video “What is Exercise? we learned how Milton’s Strength Training improves health and fitness in a time efficient manner. […]

The Couch Stretch Made Better #2 – Stick Mobility Exercise

We’re back again! A variation, variation number two on the Couch Stretch is with the Monkey Hang. So we can open up the whole lateral line, alright. So once again same setup as before, you put the top of the foot on the bench, drop down, use the pad if needed, okay. This time instead […]