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Yoga Feature

Hi! My name is Ronda. I have been employed here at St. Joseph’s Indian School for the last 27 years as a school nurse, and I love my career in that. But I have always longed for a little bit more. I have become a yoga teacher while employed here at St. Joe’s. As well […]

Morning 6 Pack Abs Routine with Pro Skater Boo Johnson

– What’s up, Elite THENX athletes, this is Chris. We’re out here in LA so you know I had to pop up on the homie. – My G, what’s the deal it’s Boo Johnson. – We’re at Boo Johnson’s place and I’m gonna drop in on his morning routine. We’re gonna see how you get […]

asana lab with laruga glaser – bhujapidasana tutorial

okay what’s up guys welcome to asana lab we are here at yoga in salento, in Zollino (LE) with Laruga and we’re talking about… also explain an hard pose for the practitioners that go into the primary series it is Bhujapidasana which is maybe one of the first big step the practitioners met during their […]

Yoga for Strength | Yoga Leg Workout | 18 Minutes

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler yoga my name is Rachel it is workout Wednesday today and we are going to be working our legs so strengthening toning all good things coming at you today if you haven’t subscribed to my channel already please do and let’s get started all right we’re gonna get started […]

Yoga for Strength | 18 Minute Practice

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler yoga my name is Rachel today we have Yoga for strength so we’re going to do a few poses that don’t necessarily require strength but are gonna help us build strength so if that sounds good to you find some space and let’s get started so let’s get started […]

Hatha Bliss – 21 Day Classical Hatha Yoga Program

I didn’t have any initial expectations so I just wanted to go with the flow Working in a group, it motivates you as well Initially, when I started I couldn’t do some of the poses, and within 21 days, I’m almost there! It’s not very stressful on the body, it’s actually quite relaxing I think […]

Yoga Poses for Upper Body Strength : Yoga Crow Pose for Upper Body Strength

So when you’re feeling strong, you’ve done lots and lots of chaturangas, you’ve done lots and lots of one-legged plank poses, you’ve done lots and lots of dolphins and you’re feeling the inversions and you’re feeling the forearm stance, try this one. This is crow. You’ve seen this one before, probably. You’re going to start […]

Yoga for Strength | Weight Loss & Toning | Full Body

hi everyone welcome to you Rachel pichler yoga my name is Rachel if you have been following along with me last week we were pretty specific in our yoga for strength workouts targeting certain areas of the body so I thought today to start off the week we could just do an overall full-body yoga […]

Bigger Arms Workout (Dumbbells Only)

– What’s up, elite Thenx athletes it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another video of OFFICIALTHENX, with today’s routine, I’m gonna show you how to get bigger arms with just a set of dumbbells. (upbeat music) Now if you want bigger arms, then you wanna make sure that you’re increasing volume. Whether it’s adding additional sets […]