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To Recover From Heartbreak And Loss • Guided Meditation

This is Rasa. Welcome to your meditation. This guided meditation will relax you fully as you embark upon a journey of healing. Simply follow my voice throughout. If you find that your mind begins to wander, just gently bring it back leaving any resistance behind. Let us begin. Make yourself comfortable. Softly close your eyes […]

Open Your Third Eye | Strengthen Your Intuition | Guided Meditation

This is Rasa Lukosiute. Welcome to your meditation. Today I want to invite you to tune in a way that will change how you view your ability to create your life. Not necessarily in a dramatic way, but in a way that is very simple, yet that simplicity will guide you to an effortless opening […]

I Meditated Everyday for a Month. Here’s What Happened.

Here’s the thing I have no doubt that Meditation could do good things here. It does wonders for other people. I just expect not much I generally don’t have much problem with anxiety. I’m a pretty cool customer right Hang on it’s too bright Okay, ten minutes is up and I have some thoughts first […]

Complete Body Scan & Transformation | ‘The Desert Oasis’ Guided Meditation

Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lie down where you can spend time for yourself relaxing, enjoying, discovering and being yourself! Gently close your eyes and take a few deep and slow breaths. Simply, flow with your deep and slow in-breath’85and, flow with your deep and slow out-breath. Relax. Feel how your […]

Meeting Your Spirit Guide(s) Remastered | Powerful Guided Meditation

Lie down and close your eyes. Rest your arms and legs, your whole body. You can place your arms on your heart space, by your sides or on your navel; anywhere you like, as long as it’s comfortable. Please start to relax by taking a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through […]

A Simple Exercise Will Reboot Your Brain In 30 Seconds

It’s Monday and you’re already exhausted. An out of whack pituitary gland, which releases necessary hormones to your body may be to blame. Believe it or not, you can give your pituitary gland and brain a re-boot just by pressing your thumb. Don’t believe me? Just watch! Don’t forget to click the subscribe button and […]

Why Meditate? | Change your Brain’s Default Mode

In the midst of being charged at by twenty masked men armed with rifles and explosives, Sally Adee was able to calmly and smoothly shoot down all of her attackers one by one. Sally didn’t entirely grasp what had happened – from her perspective, the 20 minute skirmish lasted only a few moments, and when […]

Exercise, Stress, and the Brain

Exercise is interesting in terms of effects on the brain because it works in about 4 or 5 different ways. One of the most obvious ways is blood flow. So if you get your heart working your brain is going to be filled with oxygen rich blood and nutrients, so that’s the main way that […]