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Mindful Yoga – 30 min Tone and Stretch – Full Body Yoga Workout | Yoga Dose

– Alright, welcome back to Yoga With Tim. I hope you’re ready to just do a nice, well-rounded practice. If you’ve been enjoying these videos, make sure to subscribe. I don’t know why you haven’t subscribed already. Click that subscribe button and also leave a comment below and hit the like button. Let’s get started. […]

Yoga Poses For Beginners | Yoga For Triathletes

(Slow, happy Jazz music) – Yoga is now a broadly used term that includes variations of breath control, simple meditation, and specific poses. And it’s generally designed to help improve your health and relaxation. Factors which I’m sure all of us would love to work on. And specifically for triathletes, it’s also great for working […]