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Do Cyclists Need To Go To The Gym?

– Getting better at cycling isn’t always about riding your bike. I know, shocking right? Gym training can make fitter, faster and stronger. – Many pros these days are taking to strength training to improve their on-bike performance. So, could gym training be something that you’re missing out on? – In this video we’re going […]

Ab Isolation Exercises : The Leg Lift Ab Exercise

We are going to start the lower ab leg lift by remembering to get on the ground safely. You want to place those palms flat on the ground. You’re going to lift those legs up slowly. Whatever your flexibility is, if you’re not able to get your legs straight in the air you can have […]

SI Joint exercise – Sacroiliac pain relief – Low back stretching

Rock forward and back following 6-1-6-11 pattern. Rock forward and back following 12-5-12-7 pattern. “Diagonal” If your most painful spot is located at the 1 o’clock marker, stretch your right leg and slide it a few inches toward the 7 o’clock marker then lean back toward 1 o’clock (a back-left tilt). “Quarters” Dividing the clock […]

Beginning Pilates Exercises : The 100’s Pilates Exercise

One hundreds in Pilates are one of the most infamous ways, once you’ve got your basic flexion and extension and your breathing warm up in, to really start activating the whole core and the body working as a unit. So we’re going to roll down because you’ve always got to own your roll down in […]

Advanced Pilates Exercises : The Hamstring Pull 3 Pilates Exercise

The next exercise is hamstring pull three. It is similar to hamstring pull two in that your arms will be up and your hands clasped behind your head. And we’ll be incorporating the lateral rotation that we worked on for chest lift with rotation. So, hands behind the head, legs up. Inhale, exhale to curl […]

Advanced Pilates Exercises : The Neck Pull Pilates Exercise

The next exercise is called Neck Pull. It’s similar to Roll Up, but there are a few differences. To begin, you’ll be lying out flat and your arms are going to be out with your hands clasped behind your head. Check into your ribs to make sure they are relaxed, and your feet are pointed. […]

Pilates Warm-Up Exercises : The Leg Change Pilates Exercise

So the next exercise is similar to the single leg lift. Now we will alternate legs. So, take a nice inhale through the sides of the ribs feeling the back of the ribs on the mat still. Exhale, take one leg up. Inhale, and as you drop it down to the floor, just pick the […]

Intermediate Pilates Exercises : The Pilates Teaser Preparation

The next exercise is called teaser prep. It’s an excellent exercise for abdominal control and for back extensor strength. And will prepare you for teasers one, two and three, which we’ll work on in the following sections. The beginning position is here with your knees bent and your arms out. On the exhale, roll down […]

Beginning Pilates Exercises : The Back Extension Pilates Exercise

The next exercise is called “Back Extension”. So, lay on your mat supine, and you want your head to be flat on the floor. Your navel is, of course, pulled up so your belly button is as off the mat as much as possible. On the exhale, just extend your upper back so it’s slightly […]