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Chair Yoga for Seniors : Chair Yoga for Seniors: Standing Poses

In our chair yoga classes, we like to integrate standing balanced postures when possible. Starting with a prep pose, Maria and I are going to stand nice and tall, lifting heart and tucking the tail slightly. Engage the belly and begin to exhale as you draw your outside knee towards your heart. Flex the foot, […]

Yoga Poses & Positions : The Hand Binds Foot Half Moon Yoga Pose

Hi, my name is Cindy Mastry with Yoga Etc. Studio on behalf of Expert Village. This is April and she’s going to help me demonstrate half moon with a bind. So she’s standing in a wide legged stance and she’s going to inhale and lift her arms up and she’s going to turn her left […]

Basic Yoga Poses : Yoga: Cat & Dog Pose

Transitioning on to your knees and on to your hands on to table pose. Your hands are directly underneath the shoulders and your knees are right underneath the hips. Inhale into dog melt the belly, draw the shoulders back, look up to the sky, exhale round your back into a Halloween Cat. Inhale melt it […]

Yoga for Hikers – 10 Minute Yoga Practice with Matthew Downard

hey what’s up guys Matthew this is gonna be a real quick short class to four hikers so pre hike pre hike stretches so let’s go ahead and get started come to hands and knees and I’m gonna go ahead and make fist and put my fist into the floor this is just for wrist […]

Zen Yoga Dragon Stretches : What Are Zen Yoga Dragon Stretches?

The dragon stretch is one of the most important stretches for martial arts training. What it does is it works the ball joint of the hip in a complete circle. This allows for the breakdown of calcium deposits and the smooth, flowing, circular motions that are needed to execute kicking techniques. In addition, it builds […]

Yoga Poses & Positions : The Bound Forward Fold Yoga Pose

Hi, my name is Cindy Mastry with Yoga Etc. Studio on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip Faith is going to help us do the forward fold with a bound twist. She’s going to stand with her feet just a little bit wider than she normally would in her forward fold and she’s going […]