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Do Cyclists Need To Go To The Gym?

– Getting better at cycling isn’t always about riding your bike. I know, shocking right? Gym training can make fitter, faster and stronger. – Many pros these days are taking to strength training to improve their on-bike performance. So, could gym training be something that you’re missing out on? – In this video we’re going […]

Mirror announces a gym in a mirror for home fitness solution

on Thursday September 6th Mirror announced the general availability of its in-home fitness solution and on demand interactive home gym built into what looks like an ordinary full-length mirror but looks can be deceiving the device is essentially a one-way mirror baked into a giant LCD screen and behind your reflection it lets you see […]

SI Joint exercise – Sacroiliac pain relief – Low back stretching

Rock forward and back following 6-1-6-11 pattern. Rock forward and back following 12-5-12-7 pattern. “Diagonal” If your most painful spot is located at the 1 o’clock marker, stretch your right leg and slide it a few inches toward the 7 o’clock marker then lean back toward 1 o’clock (a back-left tilt). “Quarters” Dividing the clock […]

Beginner Pilates Exercises : The Saw Exercise for Pilates

The final exercise that I am going to demonstrate in your Beginners Pilate Program is called the saw. Go ahead and stay seated on your mat. Feet out in front of you and then you are going to separate your legs as wide as you possibly can. So just go ahead and separate and where […]

Pilates Stretches & Work : Pilates Lower Back Stretch

So, this next stretch is for the lower back and we make sure that you’re completely flat onto the floor. You’re going to bend your right knee in toward your chest, like Alex has here. You’re going to keep your shoulders completely flat, you don’t want to twist your shoulders off. Take a deep inhale […]

Pilates Stretches & Work : Pilates Shoulder Stretch

Let’s get on to our last stretch. It is a good stretch for the shoulders. So you are going to start by facing the wall like you are in trouble, just kidding. You are going to reach your right arm straight up in the air just like Alex has here. From here you are going […]

Pilates Exercises & Equipment : Reducing Muscle Pain With Pilates

Hi, my name is Ashley Ludman, from Seaside Yoga, here to address the question how do I reduce muscle pain when I’m practicing Pilates? Well first of all, muscle pain and cramping specifically can tell you that you’re overworking a muscle. One of the concepts of Pilates is precise movement, incorporating specific muscle control in […]

Beginner Pilates Exercises : The Criss Cross Exercise for Pilates

The next exercise I am going to demonstrate for you is called the crisscross. Go ahead and lie flat on your mat. You are going to take both hands, place them behind your head and elbows are going to come out to the side. Go ahead and bring both knees in toward your chest, finding […]