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Yoga Camp – Day 16 – I Enjoy

– What’s up guys? Welcome to 30 days of yoga camp. I’m Adriene and it’s day 16. I’m superexcited. The mantra today is awesome. “I enjoy.” Giddy up! (orchestral music) Okay, today we’re going to begin in extended child’s pose. So bring your knees as wide as your yoga mat, big toes to touch. And […]

Yoga With Blocks & Straps : How to Do Forward Fold Yoga Pose

CINDY MASTRY: In this clip, Faith is going to help me demonstrate a wide leg forward fold with a twist. It’s seems like it would be easy to fold forward but for some people who have tight hamstrings or a tight low back, this move is almost impossible. So when we use a block, we […]

Yoga Chest & Hip Opening Poses : Yoga Happy Baby Pose

Next, we will be coming into a pose called Happy Baby Pose. It is also sometimes referred to as Dead Bug, but I prefer Happy Baby, so we will go with that. Let us go ahead and hold onto the back of our thighs. Rolling ourselves all the way down and bringing our knees into […]

4 Stretches You Should Be Doing EVERY Morning!

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. I want to show you today four stretches that you should do every morning. I know a lot of us don’t stretch because A: we don’t know what to do; and B: we’re not really sure how we’re supposed to do it. So, I want to cover both of […]

Yoga Stretches for MS

I had the opportunity to present this weekend and the Boston abilities Expo with my mom, who is a registered yoga teacher! I spoke first about different exercises that are functional and that you can do throughout your day-to-day routine to improve things like your balance and your walking. Then my mom spoke about yoga […]