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Teacher Hits On Student | What Would You Do? | WWYD

The teacher The student Ms. Hendersen *Background song* And some very hands-on tutoring Do you think anybody from school, will be here? You let me worry about that. It’s a headline grabing situation Former teacher charged with having sex with a student Britanny Collins is accused of sleeping with five students County teach living guilty […]

Hickory Dickory Dock | Super Simple Songs

Hickory dickory dock The mouse went up the clock The clock struck one The mouse went down Hickory dickory dock Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. A snake Hickory dickory dock The snake went up the clock The clock struck two The snake went down Hickory dickory dock Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick […]


When I was in seventh grade, I got into a fight with a girl She was just really angry all the time and always wanted to start shit with people. She came up to me after school She got up in my face with her onion ass breath yelling at me talking shit to me […]

🌙 PRESENCE – Pranayama Kundalini Yoga

welcome to the weekly meditation with me Cara Lisa today I’m gonna offer a Kundalini pranayama which I find quite powerful to do in order to balance the energies and come into real presence within yourself and with what is it’s gonna take about 20 minutes and you can extend the times I’m gonna precise […]

96-year-old Holds The World Record For Oldest Yoga Teacher

00:20 TAO: I’m 96-years-old and I just dance and do yoga. 00:28 COMM: Tao Porchon Lynch has been inspiring her students for generations, and has been recognised as the world’s oldest yoga teacher by the Guinness Book Of World Record. 00:43 TAO: Nothing’s impossible, whatever you want to do in life, just tune in and […]

La Scimmia Yoga on Tour in Italy – behind the scenes

We are touring around Italy we are on our way to Rimini to the Vivi Benessere which is a Book Festival and a holistic festival. Plus yoga. So there I will teach two masterclasses and one workshop together with John. Before that I’m teaching a class at Tetra Pak in Modena and after we are […]

Elite Pilates Course & Yoga Course Newton Abbot Devon – spine curl variations

SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel Like Share Comment Follow me on FACEBOOK welcome to the show one way certainly seems to be the cast which focused on tilting the powers back and walk around in the spine initially using the abdominal muscles and wheelie program so that just helps control electorate also they’re doctors they’re […]

Elite Pilates & Yoga Teacher Training Course – Anatomy teres minor

SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel Like Share and Comment! hello welcome to elite Pilates teacher trainer YMCA diploma level 3 in Mat Pilates this lesson is an anatomy lesson and muscle wanna look at today is the teres minor then look at the origin the insertion the action and any issues you might have with […]

SEXY & FUNNY YOGA fails – Funny fails videos 2019 FFV

[INTRO MUSIC] Whoa! Woo! [SCREAMS] Whoa, awesome! I have that on video! [LAUGHTER] Woo! [LAUGHTER] [CHUCKLES] Ow! [LAUGHTER] [RELAXING MUSIC] [MUSIC – WARNER AND CHAPPELL PRODUCTIONS, “I’M HOT”] You say that they hot as me. That sound like a lie to me. I don’t want apologies. I just want some honesty. Ain’t no way you […]