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Mastering Self Control | Stoic Exercises For Inner Peace

The Stoics bring forth the theme of self-control on a regular basis. Epictetus, for example, spoke about abstaining from talking about vulgar things, and Marcus Aurelius points out that we should set limits to comfort and consumption. In this video, I’ll go a bit deeper into the Stoic views of… mastering self-control. First of all, […]

Dolphin Exercise Session – Dolphin Quest Oahu

Aloha friends, my name is Kari I’m the Marine Mammal specialist here at Dolphin Quest Oahu located at the lovely Kahala Hotel and Resort and you’re watching a day in the life of the marine mammal specialists let’s go see what’s in store for us today. If you’ve been following along with our day in […]

calories exercise

okay in today’s video I want to speak a little bit about what I was listening to on a podcast this morning and this is a topic that I thought about previously and I don’t agree with erm but I thought I’d expand on a little bit more in this video so calories people seem […]

The Biggest Loser || The First Workout

No excuses! Right, ready start training training? Let’s go! I’m excited about these new contestants. I finally get to sink my teeth into the idea of transforming these people’s lives. Do not put your hands on my treadmill. You thought you saw something last season? Treadmill raise my incline to 10. I want you going […]

Knee Pain Relief Stretches – 5 Minute Real Time Routine

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and princess Remy, and today I’m going to show you a 5-minute stretching routine for knee pain. so let’s get started. so for this 5 minute stretching routine, it’s going to be in real time. so if you want to follow along with me you can. and if you haven’t […]

The Biggest Loser || Former Olympic Weightlifter Hits the Gym

Chest up, eyes up. Fight for these results guys. Get to that pace go. Fighting these voices that are saying you can’t do this you can’t do this and I’m just doing it. There you go, brother. There you go. You know that’s so much is on the line and you don’t stop and you […]

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism Without Exercise (& Boost Thyroid Function!)

– Oftentimes when fitness trainers talk about metabolism and weight gain, they’ll talk about how to improve your metabolic rate with exercise alone. What they don’t tell you is that your metabolism is directly affected by your thyroid levels. If your metabolism is the engine, your thyroid is the gas. There’s another way to speed […]