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Extreme Jump Rope Challenge

– Today we take jump rope to the extreme. – Let’s talk about that. (fun theme music) (fire blazing) – Good Mythical Summer! – Yes, welcome to our Summer series where we’re gonna be bringing you episodes every Monday and Wednesday from us and then a very special Friday episode every week featuring a guest […]

The Real Reason These Celebs Refused To Do Nude Scenes

Disrobing in front of the camera no longer carries quite the same stigma it used to, but that doesn’t mean every actor is willing to do it. Here are some stars who aren’t willing to appear naked onscreen and the reasons why. Mila Kunis landed the role of Jackie on That ’70s Show when she […]

Yin Yoga For Flexibility ♥ A Sore Hip & Hamstring Love Song

welcome to beautiful turks and caicos we are here today with a slow and gentle yin yoga practice todays class is going to be all about releasing your hips a part fo our body that not only holds physical tension but also emotional stress so as we go deeper into that area of your body […]

#0 – The eight limbs of Yoga – Enrich your yoga practice.

Hello Yogis, Namaste. Today we are going to a little about a very famous concept in yoga philosophy, ‘the eight limbs of yoga.’ The eight limbs of yoga is part of the ‘Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” Patanjali is an incredibly wise man who lived thousands of years ago. He wrote the book… called by us […]

Stop Stretching Your “Tight Hamstrings” Pt 2 | Yoga Controversy #05

Hey gang! My second video on what to do about “tight hamstrings”. So if you haven’t seen the video #1 on that maybe look at that – but just to recap the points that I made there – Oftentimes we have tight hamstrings and we think the solution to that is stretching. Trust me, it’s […]

Yoga Pants = Rape Me Says Extreme Slut-Shaming Pastor

an Arizona pastor who is getting permits for preaching that women quote deserve rape at what he defended his position in a video that was leaked yesterday and we had sex video this is good for preaching to feminists this is Kate for when I typically preach to Muslims and this is the infamous for […]

New Fitness Trend = Workout Wear Fridays

you probably heard a casual fridays you might soon be hearing about work out where Friday’s that’s the idea that the washington post Vicky Hallett has come up with she thinks that to encourage working out which is important in a very obese country like America we should encourage people to wear fitness gear in […]

Yoga Can Offer Cancer Patients Benefits

(melodious instrumental music) – [Narrator] Nearly anyone can benefit from yoga but the U of M Comprehensive Cancer Center offers a yoga class designed specifically for people with cancer. Helping them to actively participate in their own healing. – Our yoga class is designed specifically for cancer survivors. We also, the classes open to their […]