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Shelter Operations Compound (SHOC) Exercise Tests Readiness

Today is the 2019 SHOC exercise. We’re preparing county workers, as wells as Red Cross and outside allied agencies to be able to assist us in the Sheltering Operations Compound and be able to get the services people need in the times they need it the most in a disaster. We developed this program to […]

SLIM THIGHS AND FLAT ABS 👙💖 Barre Pilates Home Workout

hey guys it’s Bailey and today we’re doing a workout for the outer thighs and the obliques so get ready to sweat all right so for this workout I’m using a pair of light weights however they’re totally optional you can do all the exercises without them we’re gonna get started with a bit of […]

Tambulig Flood Simulation Exercise (Flood Drill)

Center for Disaster Preparedness (CDP) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that promotes community-based disaster risk reduction and management What we are going to do today is simultaneous for our four areas and three barangays So that we can test the reponse mechanism as well as the entire contingency plan of each LGUs where we look […]

My Experience Meditating | 2 Years of Meditation

For the past two years I have meditated on a daily basis. So, what has changed in my life because of it? Stay tuned to find out. Hello. I’m Kelly and on this channel you’ll find videos about intentional living, mindfulness, minimalism, and creating healthy habits. I’d love for you to subscribe so click the […]

Day SIXTEEN – Weight Loss for Women over 50 😅 31 Day Workout Challenge

– Hey, Killer Bs, it’s Pahla B from pahlabfitness.com and on tap today, it’s day 16 of the Weight Loss for Women over 50 series and today we are all about strength training. You guys, because there’s no cardio today, there’s definitely no jumping. There’s also no transitions up and down from the ground. You […]

Tara Brach: Healing Depression with Meditation, Part 1

Namaste and welcome. When I’m welcoming, as many of you know, I’m re-welcoming you that are right here in Bethesda and I’m welcoming you who are listening right now and spread around the world and those in the future who’ll be listening on the podcast because it does feel like a wonderful community that comes […]

Warrior Pose virabhadrasana 2

welcome back so now we’re on to page 66 which is Warrior 2 Virabhadrasana 2 – so this is one of my favorite postures but actually it technically it can be quite challenging for people because it’s not against that but just a little bits in between can be quite challenging for some people so […]

Guided Meditation with Curb Your Enthusiasm’s J. B. Smoove | HBO

(LAUGHS) Look at you. You all fucked up. Clear your mind. Let yourself fall away. Breathe in… breathe out. (INHALES, EXHALES) (INHALES SHARPLY) Breathe in your mouth. Exhale through your ass. You know how to fuckin’ breathe, don’t you? I don’t gotta tell you how to breathe. That shit is involuntary. Picture yourself walking along […]

#MENOPAUSEMONDAYS® Aerobics for the Non-Jock!

Hi, are you postmenopausal and afraid of aerobic exercise? Well, I’m Ellen at EllenDolgen.com and #MENOPAUSEMONDAYS®.Let’s go for a walk . Alright, Ellen, that wasn’t so bad, was it? No, it really was, it went by so fast. How long was it? Thirty-minutes. That’s it? Thirty minutes? How many times a week? If you can […]

The Gym is my Therapy – BROTHER IN IRON #2 | MIND OVER MATTER

This is my therapy it has been all my life and still is and I believe will always be is just so why is how I escape..how i release the gym is the only one that knows my true feelings it’s the only place where I feel free free of worries ..free of all the […]