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Antenatal and postnatal class: Pelvic floor muscle exercise

Antenatal and Postnatal class Pelvic floor muscle exercise Narrator: Pelvic floor are layers of muscle between the pubic bone and the tailbone These muscles support the pelvic organs including bladder, uterus and rectum Urethra, vagina and anus are surrounded by pelvic floor muscles which control flow of urine and bowel and prevent incontinence During pregnancy, […]

Arm Workout Exercises : Forearm Curl Exercise

Now we’re going to hit the other side of the forearm, the bottom part, right here. Generally, with this, you’re just going to do different forms of wrist curls. I’m just going to start with a barbell wrist curl. I’m just going to grab a barbell, preferably, wrist hanging off the end of the bench […]

Physique Champion Ryan Terry’s Total Ab Workout

hi muscle & strength Ryan Terry here IFBB Pro and USN athlete today we’re here at the muscle and strength gym and I’m going to take you through a typical ab workout so the first exercise I always start my ab workouts with is a hanging leg raise I go for 3 to 4 sets […]

Kpop Diet and Exercise for 72 Hours! | 72 Hours Challenges | EP 2

Why, why is it..why, oh it’s 30 minutes…AH! Sorry, that was an accident. Really? Eh PAIN LAH! Welcome. I’m Professor Stephen. Today I was thinking about calories. When Ally asked, This episode is about K-pop What do you mean calories? Great question, Ally! Calorie is the unit measurement for the energy value of food. Huh? […]

Bluetooth Headset Stereo – Upgraded Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphone

Bluetooth Headset Stereo Review. Advanced Bluetooth 4.1: Latest CSR Bluetooth 4.1 version integrates CVC6.0 noise reduction with clearer communication quality, lower latency and better stereo sound performance. Hi-Fi Stereo Sound: Delivers you richer and more natural high-fidelity stereo sound streams powerful bass and crisp clear treble from the Bluetooth-enabled device. Ergonomic Neckband: Perfectly fits your […]


The weather hasn’t been great yesterday, it rained all day and I don’t wanna go skiing today… So for the first time in two months, I am deciding to go to the gym and do a workout. I cannot believe it’s taking me nearly, or over two months to go to the gym for the […]

I tried the IU diet + workout (kinda) for 3 days

So I weighed myself the other day and I was like oh One of the few goals I had for the summer was to lose weight but Here I am 3/4 into the summer having achieved nothing off of my summer bucket list feeling like failure in its human form So I decided to try […]

The $1495 Workout Mirror: What to Know Before Buying

– I’m Ingrid Skjong, and today we are taking a look at Mirror. (upbeat music) Even if you don’t follow fitness, you’ve probably come across this high design, high-tech piece of equipment in your social media feeds, or on ads seemingly everywhere. But what exactly is it? Mirror is a smart mirror that streams both […]