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Dr Thaxton Explains How to get rid of Cellulite | Cellfina

Hi, I’m dr. Jeffrey Thaxton a board-certified plastic surgeon, thank you for watching. So a lot of my patients ask me How do I get rid of my cellulite? cellulite is a problem that affects approximately eighty-five percent of women and is not related to excess weight as a matter of fact many of the […]

The Most Insane Ways Men Escaped from Prison

For many, the thought of prison is enough to keep them on the straight and narrow; but for others, prison is merely a consequence of their chosen lifestyle. And for a select few, prison is nothing more than a challenge, a puzzle begging to be solved. Today we’ll look at some of the more creative […]

GGO Bamboo Workout Clothing/ Brand Video

{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\cocoartf1038\cocoasubrtf360 {\fonttbl\f0\fnil\fcharset0 Cambria;} {\colortbl;\red255\green255\blue255;} \margl1440\margr1440\vieww9000\viewh8400\viewkind0 \deftab720 \pard\pardeftab720\ri720 \f0\fs32 \cf0 GGO is the leader in organic workout clothing made from bamboo.\’a0Bamboo is a plant that grows twice as fast as cotton and is not harvested using any chemicals or fertilizers. It is so soft it feels like cashmere, drapes nicely over the body and keeps its […]

Sonima – Yoga for Kids

The data says kids love yoga. Kids is that true? Do you love yoga? Let’s hear it. Round of applause if you love yoga! When we decided to bring the yoga program to our school I would never have predicted the tremendous and immediate impact the program has made . As soon as it started […]