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Chest workouts at the gym for beginners by Dilse Indians

HELLO GUYS WELCOME TO EVENTSTARS Friends, like I would tell you this is my second video related to Gym. And in this video I’m going to tell you about the chests’ excercices How do you do chest exercises?So Let’s start with perfect cuting and shape in your chest. First of all, after entering entry into […]

How to Make an Outdoor Jungle Gym

Do not go on that swing because its just a decoration Yet the kids always gravitate to that swing Bring your own medical kit That’s what we’re doing this weekend…building the kids play area I’m Andrew. I’m Kevin Welcome to Brojects! To take advantage of the outdoors our playground is going to have a slackline, […]

The 6 Best Delt Building Exercises (YOU’RE NOT DOING!!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. Today, 6 exercises for your delts you’re probably not doing. I promise, if you start mixing them in you’re going to be surprised by the results that you see. You see, we get too stuck in a rut when it comes to shoulder training. We press, we shoulder raise, […]

Autism in Children: Exercises to Help Calm the Body

Welcome back Rachel and I are here again and Rachel’s gonna share with you some amazing tips on how to help to calm the body, right? Yeah! So we’re gonna show you two exercises or two things that you can do with a stability ball And also the foam roller which we’ll do later Correct. […]

โยคะท่ายากชาเลนจ์ | Jariyahoney

Yoga challenge Anyone want to do with me? 1st pose likes… Upside down? Woah! so slippy! This pose is very challenging! Am I going to break my neck? Failed! This one is bearable! Not so easy, this one! Did I pass? Hello everyone! Today, I will do yoga challenge You can join me, if you […]

2016 Sacred Practice: Buddhist Meditation with Anam Thubten

Welcome everybody. There’s a deep silence that we can all tune into. It is the state of our being. Our consciousness prior to concepts, ideas … a state that is intrinsically peaceful and sacred We’re going to maybe just utter one word. This syllable The syllable is used as a mantra and also many times […]


– There’s stretching and meditation in the morning for an hour. They have aerial yoga. Now, I’ve never tried that but I reckon while I’m here, I’m gonna try it out and you guys will probably, hopefully, you’ll be able to see how that goes. I think it’s gonna be pretty tricky, but it’s gonna […]