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I Dressed Like It Was 1987

[ ♪ ] SAFIYA: Hello, friends, and welcome to another video. Today, I’m going to be dressing like we did 30 years ago, in 1987. 1987 was the year that brought us “The Princess Bride,” “Full House,” Nike Air Maxes, “21 Jump Street,” and the births of Snooki, Hilary Duff, and Phil Lester. From Corey […]

Gold Apple Watch Series 4 – Unboxing and review!

– Today we are unboxing the brand new Apple Watch. I’m trying to contain my excitement because this thing is so beautiful. This is the 40 millimeter gold version. I’ve even got my gold knife ready to unbox. Got a few Apple Watch Bands as well. I don’t even need my knife, it has a […]

Matt Fass – Still Mind Yoga Westchester NY

hey this is Matt from Still Mind. I teach a hatha style class every Tuesday at 7 p.m. This is a more traditional style. It’s very approachable for people of all different body types. I like to incorporate props offer modifications or variations. There’s a mental component too so it’s a more meditative approach and […]

Couples Yoga Challenge | It’s harder than I thought!

This is what we’re doing no, it’s going it don’t start yet. It’s a little bit longer to backtrack Back to that crop it needs to crack. Can you go do something cool? Something cool from here Alrighty guys, so This is our first challenge He’s so excited, huh? Yeah I had to convince him […]

Sadhguru – If you’ve lost money, time for yoga !

Question: I am an only child, like many others in China. I have difficulty handling things in my life by myself because my family takes care of so many things. How to take charge of my life? Sadhguru: So, whether you have one or 10, the human child is not born like other creatures, the […]

How To Exercise With A Disc Bulge

Hello again this is Sam Visnic from endyourbackpainnow.com/blog and today what were going to cover is a fantastic exercise for those of you who may be suffering from disc herniation. It is called the McKenzie press-up. Now I do not take credit for this movement at all. It is formulated by a physical therapist a […]

Google Hangout with Sadhguru – Guru Purnima 2015 at Isha Yoga Center

Sadhguru: Namaskaram. On this Guru Poornima, my best wishes and blessings to all of you. The significance of this day, in terms of exploring human possibilities, is unparalleled because it’s on this day a little over 15,000 years ago, that Adiyogi for the first time chose to turn himself into a means of transmission, transmitting […]

Sukhaasan II सुखासन II By Yoga Guru Shambhu Shankar Jha II

Let us do Sukhaasan. and what all their benefits that also we will see and discuss That means your left leg should be perpendicular means should be straight, as you can see or in this position, so this is the bonding which is visible we will place our ankle here and the calf of the […]