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BSc Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences

Our degree in Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences explores how the human body and mind function; how they create and control movement, and how they respond to exercise. As we understand these fundamental sciences, we learn to apply them to a whole variety of contexts. There was a strong health focus of the course which […]

It’s Your Choice: Strength, Balance and Aerobic Exercise

now we’re into the main body of our exercise program here’s where we emphasize strength balance and aerobics remember during the aerobics portion that you want to work out at a moderate or somewhat strong pace there will be three choices of how you want to do each exercise so it’s your choice just go […]

How to Exercise More as a Student – College Info Geek

I get inspiration from a lot of people. One of those people is Elliott Hulse, a strongman and YouTuber who’s simple, no frills style of teaching, and very minimalistic editing of his videos gave me the confidence that I actually needed to start making videos without thinking that I needed insane editing and huge budgets […]

Sleep, Eat & Exercise

This course is very useful and helpful. One of the best courses that I had ever at this University. The class was an eye-opener for me, and I always talk to my parents now about eating healthier and changing their ways. This course can really help you as far as determining what you should be […]

It’s Your Choice: Exercises with Hula Hoops

alright sitting tall at the front of your chair get your feet nice and flat on the floor about hip distance apart get your shoulders down and back and relax alright grab your hoops and let’s have some fun grab your hoop at the three o’clock and nine o’clock position and raise that hoop overhead […]

Swallowing Exercises – How to make your swallow stronger (Exercise 1)

The first two exercises will work the muscles in your mouth, and the back of your throat, which will make your swallow stronger. Remember to keep your mouth wet. Let’s get started. To make this exercise more comfortable, make sure your head is not tilted back. Stick out the tip of your tongue, and hold […]

brandt-daroff habituation exercise

>>This is Brandt-Daroff habituation exercise. Begin this exercise sitting on the edge of your bed or couch. It is recommended that your feet be able to reach the floor comfortably so you can easily steady yourself when you return to the sitting position. Sit in the middle of your bed so you’ll have enough room […]

My Surgery Guide: Deep Breathing & Coughing Exercises

Hello, and welcome to the University Health Network. Today I’m going to be teaching you about deep breathing and coughing. Amanda: Hello Mr. Santos. How are you today? Mr: Santos: Pretty well, thanks. Amanda: Good. My name is Amanda and I am a physiotherapist on the unit and today I am going to be teaching […]

How Exercise Can Help with ADHD (and How to Actually Do It)

Hello brains! Today I’m going to talk about exercise. W-wait! Where are you going?! Okay, okay. I get it. We all know that exercise is supposed to be good for us. Most of us are pretty sick of hearing about it actually. So why aren’t we all doing 30 to 60 minutes of it three […]