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I Tried Minimalism For A Week

– This is a disaster. (upbeat instrumental music) We live in a culture full of stuff, bombarded with advertisements pushing us to buy more stuff. We accumulate more and more and more until we need an extra storage unit to fit it all. Today there are more self-storage facilities in the U.S. than there are […]

How to Meditate 🙏🏼

Meditation is a habit I’ve been practicing for the past 2 years. It’s so simple yet can be so difficult at the same time. But I keep on trying because I strongly believe in the power of meditation to enhance our quality of life. The purpose of meditation: Clear your mind, practice being aware of […]


*Pewds Intro* (RIP Headphone Users) Why… is PewdiePie… the DUMBEST YouTuber… Why? is PewdiePie the DUMBEST YOUTUBER? X2 WHY is Pewdiepie(triggered) the DUMBEST YouTuber?! WHY is he the dumbest YouTuber??? WHY?? I demand an answer. Oh wait! There’s a video. There, it’s right there. Speaking the truth, one video at a time. Hey how’s it […]