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hey everyone welcome back! so today is episode number three of workout with me challenge. I dont know if that’s a challenge for you guys, let me know in the comments below ! for me I have to say sometimes it is tough to talk and do the workout at the same time! today I […]

Meat Eater to Raw Vegan to HOW I EAT NOW || Gayatri Yoga

welcome to Gayatri yoga my friends. if we haven’t met before my name is Kristina and I’m really excited to share my next piece of story with you . in the last video I shared with you where I’m coming from and how I became a yoga teacher and in this video I would like […]

Healthy living | Yoga in the woods

it’s a beautiful day look at these trees the leaves are still there which is so strange and they’re a lot of these trees this kind of trees the fresh air is awesome it’s really beautiful maybe I will do some yoga without a pad I will try I also started meditation you can call […]

Vegan What I Eat in a Day || Yoga, Stir Fry + Pasta || Ep#14

hey guys this is Heather. I’m starting my day with some yoga today and but before I do that I wanted to sit down I have been practicing gratitude for a while now where I write down 1 to 3 things that I feel grateful for each day and I was doing it before bed […]