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5 Essential Gym Exercises For Weedy Road Cyclists

– This might be the only gym video on YouTube that’s not about getting buff, ripped, shredded and hench. Instead, it’s about getting stronger. Hopefully. (smooth music) (energetic techno music) – Cyclists are not renowned as being a particularly muscled and buff crowd, even if you wouldn’t get that impression from the two you see […]

Quick HIIT Indoor Cycling Workout | 22 Minute Strength Intervals

(upbeat music) – Right, welcome to a GCN realtime training session. Today we’ll be climbing the Passo Campolongo going in the Alta Badia region of the Dolomites. I’m joined with Chris Opie. – Hello. And we’re aboard the Wahoo Kickr, and we’ve also got the Wahoo Kickr Climb and a Headwind. We’ve got a 3.9 […]

10 Yoga Exercises For Cyclists | Correct Your Yoga Mistakes

– Let’s go, come onto your hands and knees, Dan. – I’ll get rid of this cushion. – Cushion isn’t needed now, for a while. (Bex laughing) – I’m not even strong enough to throw a cushion. (whooshing) As part of getting fit in 10 weeks with four hours on the bike I’ve also been […]