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Self Healing | Influencing Cells | Guided Meditation

Welcome. Position your body comfortably, on a chair or on a bed. Close your eyes and take a few minutes to just tune your body into calm and relaxed state. The easiest way is to do that is by noticing your breath coming in and out of your body as you inhale and exhale naturally, […]


Receptionist: Okay, Dr Banner, you’re all set to join, we just need $45. Banner: $45 for the year! That’s a good deal! Receptionist: Actually, it says that’s per month Banner: $45 per month! Banner: (Growls) You might want to stand back! Hulk: HULK NOT PAYING $45 PER MONTH! HULK JOIN GYM ANYWAY! Hulk: HULK DO […]

Successfully Contact Your Spirit Guide(s) Guided Meditation

Welcome We are going to begin by finding a comfortable sitting or lying position for your body. Place your body, adjust your legs and arms in a way that it is the most comfortable and in which you can breathe easily and naturally. Softly close your eyes and let all of the muscles of the […]

Deepak Chopra Guides Jimmy Through Meditation

-You and Oprah have a great relationship. You’ve done stuff together for a while. -Well, a long time ago, I suggested to her that if she married me she could be Oprah Chopra. [ Laughter ] ♪♪ -Oprah Chopra. I think that’s fantastic. -But she didn’t go for it. -She did not go for that. […]

Tom Hiddleston Reacts to Unreleased Footage of Him Auditioning as Thor

-You’re on Broadway. Congrats on the great reviews for this play. I want to get to talking about that, but you walked through Times Square to get to the theater, and you ran into some of your Avenger friends. -Yes, they resembled some of my Avengers friends. -This is not really them? Wait. Let me […]

Guided Meditation for Stress Relief | Grounding | Belonging | Connection

Let in some fresh air into your room or go outside for this one if the weather is pleasant. Sit down or lay back. Allow for the body to feel unrestricted by clothing or anything else. After you find yourself in a comfortable position, gently close your eyes and place your attention onto your breath. […]