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Stress Relief Yoga : Bali Seal Yoga Pose

So the next series is a Bali-Seal which is a movement on the breast that helps to release tension from the shoulders and also the back of the body. So you can start with your hips on your heels and then draw your forehead to the floor palms facing up. As you inhale you can […]

Dog Yoga Poses & Positions : Introduction to Doga, Yoga Moves With Your Dog

Number one intro to yoga. Hi my name is Leta Koontz I’m a yoga instructor at School House Yoga located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Today we are going to do a series of breathing meditations, human yoga postures, and dog yoga postures in out practice of doga. Now a typical yoga practice you do yoga asana […]

Stress Relief Yoga : Side Lean Yoga Pose to Relieve Stress

Coming into a side lean which is a great way to help open up in the sides of the body and release stress and tension that may be holding on in the psoas muscle or anywhere in the side between the ribs. So you can draw your fingertips extending them out to the side lifting […]

Stress Relief Yoga : Relaxation Yoga Poses

So the last pose I’m going to show is just a great way to ease tension or stress that is going on in your body as a relaxation that you can hold for at least 15 minutes. At the end of the day this is a great way to unwind. You can take a bolster […]

Kids Yoga Class 6

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Slut Shaming Preacher: Profiles by VICE

This is a good casual wearing shirt, “Trust Jesus” on both sides. This is good for preaching to feminists. This is good for when I typically preach to Muslims, and then this is the infamous Virgin Pride shirt. “You whore” is rude Maybe it may be perceived rude, but in the end. I’m trying to […]