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Vicsnatural Bodybuilding and Fitness motivation

hi friends Victor Costa peace love and muscles hope you do it well hope you’re having an outstanding day I did a video on this quite some time ago and I wanted to do it again it’s really about not getting down on yourself and your body and the way that you look and your […]

3 Best Bicep Exercises for Building Mass w/ Joel Thomas

what’s up muscle and strength IFBB Pro Joel Thomas here today I’m going to take you guys through three of my favorite mass building exercises for biceps so the first bicep exercise today we’re gonna do spider curls I really like anything that’s chest supported whether it’s a back exercise bicep exercise or whatever it […]

When to Use Different Kinds of Barbells in the Gym

what’s up guys Joe Bennett Josh Vogle here with redcon1 and we’re going over some tips as far as when would you use different types of bars so we’re gonna cover again some straight bars and cambered bars trap bars safety squat bar and specifically in this video we’re gonna talk about the Swiss bar […]

Female Fitness in Business | Palmetto Scene

♪ I pretty much have always been into fitness. I played sports in middle school and high school. Originally, I would say that I started training with weights shortly after I got married. My husband was into weight training and he introduced me. I really just was working with him to get in a little […]

Exercising Tips : How to Choreograph a Step Aerobics Routine

I’m going to teach you how to choreograph a step aerobics routine. So first and foremost what I always base my routine on is my music. I want to make sure that I have something that’s very upbeat energizing and uplifting. So what I’m going to start with, I’m just going to show you a […]

3 Best Triceps Exercises for Building Mass w/ Joel Thomas

what’s up muscle & strength IFBB Pro Joel Thomas here today I’m gonna take you guys through three of my favorite mass building exercises for triceps so the first tricep exercise we’re going to go over is a tate press so this is something that I picked up powerlifting years ago and kind of just […]

Gym Motivation “Effort Is So Important” (speech by CT Fletcher)

Have you ever went out for something or tried to do something And when you got home quietly in your room you knew That you had that much more that you could’ve gave But you didn’t want to look ugly because your girlfriend was looking Or your boyfriend was looking and you didn’t want to […]

Top 10 Hardest Core Exercises Round 2 w/ Coach Myers

what’s up muscle and strength it’s your boy coach Myers I’m back again now you might remember my video my top 10 hardest core exercises well guess what I got a list of 10 movements that are even tougher and that’ll we’ll put your core strength to the test and I’m about to show them […]

Exercise Machines Aboard the Space Station | Video

Hello, I am Thomas Pesquet, astronaut with the European Space Agency. On a six-month mission on board the International Space Station. In space we float all day. There are lots of muscles that we do not use. Specifically, the back and leg muscles. We have to do two hours of sport every day. to counter […]