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How to do a Hip Extension Exercise: WE-Can Program

So let’s work some more on our lower body strength and for that we are going to be doing the hip extension. This is an exercise that works on our glutes and all you’ll be needing for this exercise is a spot on the wall and a resistance band for the progression after. So let’s […]

Improper Exercise Can Create or Make a Diastasis Larger-Julie Tupler, RN

Improper exercise can either create a diastasis recti or make a diastasis recti larger. A diastasis recti is the separation of the outermost abodminal muscles. The name of these muscles are the rectus abdominis. These muscles are joined together by a fibrous piece of connective tissue called the linea alba which means white line. And […]

Revolution – Day 24 – Practice Patience

– Hey everyone and welcome to your 31 Day Yoga Revolution. It’s day 24, and today is really awesome. We are practicing patience. Chka-chka-chka-chka-chkhhhh! Let’s get started. (lively orchestral music) Alright, today let’s begin on our backs, so come on down. Take a second to hug your knees into your chest. When you get there, […]

What is an Exercise Physiologist?

>>An exercise physiologist is a health professional who has a degree in Exercise Physiology. Their study includes courses in biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, biology, and then exercise physiology, which is really the study of the acute and chronic effects of exercise on all the systems of the body. So you do not need a prescription […]

The Try Guys Try CrossFit

– I burned a calorie! – [JP] Shake it off for a bit, Keith. – Oh my thighs. Oh no, I’m gonna do the thing where the bar goes up? Oh that’s my biggest fear. (upbeat club music) (mellow rock music) How’s it going? – [JP] How’s it going, Keith? – Thanks for having me. […]

Is HIIT Training Aerobic Or Anaerobic? (Best Exercise For Health & Fitness)

Is HIIT training aerobic or anaerobic? Today we’re going to explain it so that you can set some good goals both for your fitness and your health. Hey I’m Dr. Sten Ekberg with Wellness For Life and if you’d like to truly master health by understanding how the body really works make sure that you […]

It’s Your Choice: Strength, Balance and Aerobic Exercise

now we’re into the main body of our exercise program here’s where we emphasize strength balance and aerobics remember during the aerobics portion that you want to work out at a moderate or somewhat strong pace there will be three choices of how you want to do each exercise so it’s your choice just go […]

Polar Ignite | How To Use Polar Serene Breathing Exercise

Welcome to the Serene breathing exercise with Polar Ignite. Serene is a breathing exercise feature that can help you manage stress and calm down your body and mind. The breathing exercise can help you in many different ways. In the morning it can prepare you for the day with the serene mindset. After work and […]

7 Ways To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals Without A Gym

Good morning everybody Rosie and I are on a little hike this morning and I don’t know why it’s taking me this long to do this because Hong Kong is a great place to hike although it’s a concrete jungle is surrounded by mountains and sea and you get views like this Which would be […]