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How To Correctly Execute Camel Pose For All Levels of Expertise

Hi, I’m Melanie from Melanie Schorr Yoga and today, we’re going to be working on camel pose. So when you do camel pose, you’re going to come up onto your knees. You want to make sure that your knees are a little bit wider than your hips, but you’re actually going to do this at […]

It’s Your Choice: Floor or Bed Exercises

welcome to the section of the video where you can do your exercises on your bed or on your floor in your living room in this section you can work on stretching and strengthening some major muscle groups of your torso and legs while in a secure horizontal position here are some guidelines about using […]

Yoga Camp – Day 14 – Go With The Flow

– Hello my friends, and welcome to 30 Days of Yoga Camp. You’re doing awesome. It’s Day 14 and the mantra today is, “Go with the flow.” Let’s get started. (lively, uplifting piano music) All right. Let’s begin in a nice, comfortable seat today. You choose. You could be on your knees. You could be […]

TRUE – Day 4 – FLOOR | Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up everyone and welcome to True, your 30 Day Yoga Journey. I’m Adriene, and today is day four and we’re going to connect to the floor so I’ll see you there right now. Alrighty my friends, let’s begin in a nice comfortable seat tuning in for today’s floor practice. Bring the hands together. […]

5 Days Of Different Massages | Try Living With Lucie | Refinery29

I’m Lucie Fink and this is five days of different massages. Hey everyone, welcome back to Try Living With Lucie. If you’re new to Refinery29’s YouTube channel click the little subscribe box right here so that you never miss another five day challenge ever again. And if you’re a longtime fan then, hi!. One of […]

Yoga Camp – Day 16 – I Enjoy

– What’s up guys? Welcome to 30 days of yoga camp. I’m Adriene and it’s day 16. I’m superexcited. The mantra today is awesome. “I enjoy.” Giddy up! (orchestral music) Okay, today we’re going to begin in extended child’s pose. So bring your knees as wide as your yoga mat, big toes to touch. And […]

Yoga Camp Day 10 – I Am Present

– Hey pals. Welcome to 30 Days of Yoga Camp. It’s Day Ten, and the mantra today is, “I Am Present.” I love this practice. Can’t wait to get started. Let’s hop to it. (lively, uplifting piano music) All right, today let’s begin in a nice, comfortable seat. All right. Day Ten. Take the fleshy […]