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Yodha No. 1 (2003) – Ravi Teja | Asin | Prakash Raj | Hindi Dubbed Movie

“The tea is hot quickly drink it, brother.” “Oh, my friends drink it. Oh, my friends drink it!” “Oh, my friends drink it. Oh, my friends drink it!” “Quickly drink the tea..” What is this? The madam who gives lectures.. ..is sitting near you and you all are smoking cigarettes one after another? Hey, Ramu! […]

Shashankasana & Bhujangasaan II शशांकासन एव भुजंगासन II By Yoga Guru Abhay Kumar Choudhary II

Namaskar, Come we will tell you the combination of two exercises. Here you will find Shashankasana & Bhujangasaan What are the benefits of their combination. Firstly by Shashankasana & Bhujangasaan they are the combination of your Lungs area, Stomach, Intestine, Liver,Kidney Internal organs, they are become super fine and systematic. Our senses become smooth with […]

Yoga to Increase Kid’s Height

To increase kids height.. ..first thing pay attention on their diet, make them drink milk daily. Calcium is very important. Vitamin D and calcium and magnesium. You should give them these 3 things. Kids height increases.. ..second thing practise Tadasana a lot! Triyak Tadasana, Kadichakrasana, Padasthasana. Sarvangasana, Halasana. Tadasana 10 times. Triyak Tadasana 10 times. […]

Beta Thalassemia; Causes and Types (minor, major and intermedia)

All right welcome back, so we have been talking about anemia, microcytic anemia, now we’re talking about Thalassemia…in the last video we have talked about alpha-thalassemia (link in description). Today. We’ll talk about beta thalassemia So, Beta Thalassemia is a microcytic anemia, and again symptoms of anemia Tired and pale, pale and tired…sometimes, I have […]