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The Well Armed Woman Holster Talk – The Sticky Holster

hi I’m Carrie Lightfoot of The Well Armed Woman and today we’re going to talk about a really wonderful holster called the sticky holster now the sticky holster is an in the waistband holster also can be used in a purse or in a pocket so let’s talk about it what’s unique about this holster […]

Most Women Pee Themselves (and That’s OK)

You know what might seem super-embarrassing but is actually super-normal especially for women and girls? Leaking a little bit of pee in your pants. Or skirts or jeans or shorts or jorts or skorts. Or overalls! Not long ago I received a request from Stuff Mom Never Told You viewer to talk about bladder leaks […]

11 Yoga Poses to Fast Conceive and Fertility Boosting for Women 🤰🤰

Fertility-Boosting Yoga Poses Can yoga actually help you get pregnant?! Studies show that yoga can help reduce stress, which can affect fertility. Some experts also believe that specific poses can help promote baby-making by increasing blood flow to your pelvis, stimulating hormone-producing glands, and releasing muscle tension. Staff Pose, Foot, And Ankle Warm-Up Walking around […]

Get Better Erections – PC Muscles Simple Workout Plan

Hi, I’m sex and relationship coach Caitlin V and today I’m gonna teach you the one easy exercise that you can do in order to cure premature ejaculation, help have better erections and have more explosive orgasms. Now, that is an exercise routine that you’ll be making time for. What is this incredible exercise routine […]

We Did 100 Lunges A Day For 30 Days

– I want to hear a lot of damn booty. More of that. (Upbeat alternative music) – So, I’m someone who goes through these stages of like, either working out a ton or not working out at all. Currently, I’m in the not working out much at all category of my life. – I’ve been […]


Hi it’s Tracy and welcome back to my channel and today I have another awesome installment of Work It Wear It. So many of you told me that you absolutely love this series because this is the series where I give you a workout and you do that workout on Monday, on Tuesday and on […]

Woman Does Yoga in Airplane Aisle

Nowadays when you fly, you see a lot of people with dogs, but you don’t normally see someone doing the downward dog. Recently yoga teacher, Katie K, Kate K was captured on video performing leg stretches. Camel pose and a forward fold on an airplane. Dressed in patterned yoga pants and wearing headphones. K seemed […]