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What’s up, you beautiful creatures! Welcome back. So, I get a lot of questions each week about my workout schedule. I get questions like, how many workouts should I do? How do I plan my workout? Do I do home-based or gym-based workouts? How many rest days should I take and should I work out […]

How to… train at home | Freeletics

Training at home gives you the freedom to work your own schedule within your own environment. Freeletics is great because I just need me and a 2x2m space. Training at home has the distractions of getting up, getting the kid ready for school, getting the lunches prepared. Even if it’s not a full workout with […]

Week 8 Day 5 //At Home Upper Body Workout // CHEST + BACK

alright guys I’ve got an upper body strength workout for you today focusing on the chest and back we’re gonna be sculpting out these areas by performing multiple sets fatiguing those muscles and really a building nice lean strong muscles yeah so four consecutive sets that means we’re gonna perform each move four times before […]

Week 8 Day 2 // No Repeat HIIT Workout! FULL BODY HIIT + ABS

alright guys guess what time it is it’s time for everybody’s favorite a no repeat hiit workout I know you guys love these because they go by quick and if there’s one exercise that you just hate you only have to do it once so that’s what we’re doing today guys 45 seconds of work […]

Week 8 Day 3 //At Home LEG WORKOUT // Sculpt + Tone

okay guys welcome to today’s lower body workout for strength we are targeting those legs today guys if you haven’t already don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and turn that notification bell on so you don’t miss any of my new workouts alright so we are focusing on multiple sets today guys to really […]

Week 8 Day 1 //SCULPTED ARMS Workout (Biceps, Triceps + Shoulders)

hey guys what’s up welcome to today’s arm workout for strength we are focusing today on toning the biceps triceps and shoulders so we are still sticking to four sets this week we are sticking to that 10 rep range so we’re choosing a weight that’s challenging but allows us to hit that 10 rep […]

Week 7 Day 5 // At Home Chest + Back Workout

what’s up guys welcome to today’s strength workout today we’re focusing on the chest and the back this is the last workout of week number seven we’re wrapping it up with a good old strength workout you guys are gonna be feeling amazing and probably ready for a couple days rest after this one today […]

Week 7 Day 1 // Arm Toning Workout // Biceps, Triceps + Shoulders

hey guys oh what’s up welcome to today’s arm toning workout we’re focusing on the biceps the triceps and the shoulders today so because we’re focusing on building strength building lean muscle and sculpting out of those arms we are performing multiple sets today we are switching up our format just a little bit so […]

Week 6 Day 5 // Upper Body Strength // Back + Triceps

what’s up guys welcome to today’s upper-body workout today we are focusing on the back and the tricep if you are following my free 12 week workout plan here on YouTube you guys this half way as soon as you are done today’s workout you have reached the halfway mark that means you have 6 […]

Week 6 Day 2 // No Repeat Total Body HIIT Workout!

hey guys what’s up and welcome to today’s no repeat hiit workout + abs that’s right another no repeat hiit for you guys today meaning you only have to perform each exercise one time we are aiming a for 45 seconds of work today followed by 15 seconds of rest for each exercise we’re going […]