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Be Your Best – Gym Etiquette | Funny Parody

Be your best. Clean your mess. Please just follow these requests. This is a gym of luxury, let’s keep it better than the rest. Rack your weights. Wipe your bench. Please protect us from your stench. Try our towels – eucalyptus. Close the fridge, but please don’t kick it. Keep it clean. Don’t be mean. […]

When to Use Different Kinds of Barbells in the Gym

what’s up guys Joe Bennett Josh Vogle here with redcon1 and we’re going over some tips as far as when would you use different types of bars so we’re gonna cover again some straight bars and cambered bars trap bars safety squat bar and specifically in this video we’re gonna talk about the Swiss bar […]

10 Annoying Things People Do In The Gym (Don’t Be That Guy)

What’s going on, guys? Sean Nalewanyj, www.SeanNal.com with a bit of a different video today where I’m going to go over a list of things people do in the gym that are really annoying and that are considered to be bad gym etiquette. I’ve been in and out of a ton of different gyms over […]


hey guys I’m Yasir Khan today I’m gonna show you my shoulder workout I’m gonna show you four very important exercises and I’ve also added one very important thing that is superset. your form has to be one point so that your shoulders are really developing properly and you’re not neglecting any part of your […]

What’s in My Gym Bag | Gym Must Haves

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel today I’m doing a what is in my gym bag video thought I would show you what’s in my gym bag I rarely ever clean it out so this could be interesting but just wanted to point out some things that I always have on hand. I workout […]

Workout Video Tutorial 01 – Intense AB and Core Killer Workout

Welcome Fitness Friends do you need more Core Strength and You want your Apps Look Nicer? Then Train With Us Today it’s all about Apps and Core I’m personal Trainer Dennis Schmidt and This is Charming Anna so there will be Two Rounds of each for Exercises One Exercise lasts for 30 Seconds it’s in […]

INTENSE FLAT STOMACH + Love Handles Workout \\ Home workout

Welcome to your workout today, we’re going to be focusing on doing a flat stomach and love handles killer You’re gonna love this workout. It’s intense It gets very intense very quickly, but we’re gonna start off nice and slow with some side bends Keep your feet about hip width apart just a little bit […]

Top 10 Gym Myths – Busted! | Gym Tips For Triathletes

– As triathletes, there is so much to gain from going to the gym. Well, today we’ve chosen our top 10 gym myths and reveal the truth behind them. You have no more excuse to avoid that gym. (chain-breaking music) (upbeat organ music) – This is a common misconception. It’s actually much harder to put […]

My 8 Biggest Workout & Nutrition Mistakes (DON’T MAKE THEM)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. We’re going to get up close and personal here, today. You and I. pull up a chair. Let’s spend some time together. We’re going to talk. What we’re going to talk about are my mistakes. The things that I did over the years – nutrition and training – that […]