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New Fitness Trend = Workout Wear Fridays

you probably heard a casual fridays you might soon be hearing about work out where Friday’s that’s the idea that the washington post Vicky Hallett has come up with she thinks that to encourage working out which is important in a very obese country like America we should encourage people to wear fitness gear in […]

Prenatal Yoga Exercises : Prenatal Yoga Squat Position

So the squat can be practiced first in your early stages just by coming into the position with the hands in front of your chest and trying to feel like you are creating a nice openness with the chest as your tailbone lengthens down. And then as you move further into your pregnancy, your support […]

Yoga Poses that Improve Balance | MORE

Hi. I’m Liz McDonald teaching from my studio Brazilian Yoga and Pilates in Los Angeles. I’m here to show you a couple of poses today to improve balance. So first, we’re going to start by working with tree pose. So I’m just gonna start by sitting our way into one leg. I’m gonna start with […]

Perfect Yoga Pose for Runners

I’m Pam Radar and today we’re going to be looking at the perfect pose for runners gonna take Sarah into Crescent lunge Sarah can you step to the top of the mat please? and I’m going to have Sarah step her left foot straight back to the back of the mat and create a deep […]

Day 6 – SIX PACK ABS – 30 Days of Yoga

What’s up, everyone? Welcome to day six of 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene. And today, on day six, cue “Eye of the Tiger.” We are going to do Six Pack Abs! Just kidding. If you know me at all, you know that I don’t really prescribe or subscribe to that whole obsession. […]

Relieve stress with Yoga Poses – Part 2

Are you looking for relief from Stress? Try Yoga. This pose effectively restores equilibrium in the nervous system and relaxes the spine. The bolster helps you let go of the use of muscular effort and focus on deepening your relaxation in the posture. Place the bolster on to the right side of the mat and […]