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Water Aerobics Exercises : Water Aerobics Hamstring Curls

To work your hamstrings with the noodle, simply place your noodle under your knee. The water will hold it up automatically, but since we’re on land, I’ll hold it up, and then bring your knee down. Up and down, up and down. This is a great workout for your hamstrings and your glutes. For the […]

Water Aerobics Exercises : Water Aerobics Punching

Now kickboxing is another workout that can be brought into the pool. Start out, knees slightly bent, guard up. You’re just going to hop and punch, hop and punch, hop and punch. Go back the other way, hop and punch. Make sure you always keep your guard up and you look in the direction you’re […]

Water Aerobics Exercises : Water Aerobics Ab Exercises

To work your abs using a noodle, simply place the noodle behind you as if you’re going to rest on it, bring your legs up, toes pointed. Now you’re going to bring your knees up to your chest, and extend, up and extend. This can also be done on the side of the pool, up, […]

Water Aerobics Exercises : Water Aerobics Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing is a great shallow water exercise. Start with one foot slightly in front of your body, the other foot slightly behind, knees relaxed. Now if your right foot is in front, your left arm starts in front and then you switch, just like you’re cross country skiing. Just jump and switch. Let’s […]

Water Aerobics Exercises : Water Aerobics Side Ab Exercises

For the side abs, begin the same way you do with your regular abs. Put the noodle behind you in a comfortable position. Lean back, toes pointed out in front of you. Now what you’ll do is you’ll twist to the side, bring your knees up, extend, and then rotate to the other side, knees […]

Water Aerobics Exercises : Water Aerobics Line Jumping

I like to call this one underwater hopscotch. You’re going to pretend there’s a line in front of you. You can use the lines in the pool, or it can be an imaginary line. We’re going to start feet almost shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, jump over that line, and jump back. Over, and […]

Wall Neck Side Bends/Rotations (Simple & SAFE Exercises for a Stiff Neck)

if your neck is feeling stiff and tight and try these simple and safe exercises that can help relieve the tension and improve your neck mobility without endangering your cervical spine yo what’s up coach E here from precision movement and today I’ve got a couple of simple drills and safe drills for a stiff […]