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Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Gita, Mysore

Too much organized life makes you to miss the colors of life Fly to us to find all the missing colors of your life It’s a welcome to make a journey to find celebration in simplicity Explore the opportunity to re-relate to the past to find freedom in presence Let’s interact with the outside world […]

Yoga for Breakups 🔥 How to Get Over Your Ex

downDOGMA Hey yogis, feeling down in the dumps about your most recent breakup? Here’s a list of of 8 yoga poses to helping you get over your ex. Pose number one: BOAT POSE because you escaped that sinking ship. [crying in the background] Pose number two: BIRD OF PARADISE because you’re the freest of the […]

6 Easy Yin Yoga Poses ☯ For Neck and Shoulders ☯

hi welcome to jivayogalive I’m Elaina and today’s video is all about yin yoga for your your neck and shoulders. so again yoga sequence for your neck and shoulders is really great to ease any tension you might be storing up here a lot of us work at a desk all day we might be […]

Yoga For Weight Loss – Yoga Tone | Yoga Dose

Welcome back to the second video of yoga for weight loss. To be perfectly honest with you, your weight, how much you are, is dependent on, the food that you’re putting into your body. Your shape how your form looks, is dependent on the motions that you do with your body and how you habitually […]

Total Body Yoga Workout and Detox Flow | Yoga Dose

– Hi, welcome to the Total Body Yoga and Detox Flow. I read your comments, thanks for leaving the comments. I recently got a comment asking for a video with more twisting to help detox. So I like to have my sequences have a full routine, not just twisting poses but a more balanced practice. […]

35 Minute Total Body Yoga Workout | Yoga Dose

– Welcome to the Total Body Yoga Workout number five. These are probably the most requested videos that I do. And we haven’t done one in a little while, so we’re gonna work on strengthening, toning, improving balance, and flexibility. I hope you enjoy today’s video. (calm guitar music) Let’s begin in extended child’s pose. […]