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Total Body Yoga Workout | Yoga Dose

– So, I got some big fans of the Total Body Yoga workout. Some of you guys love those videos. So I’m putting together another one today, especially for my friend Luto in San Francisco. He said that those are his favorite videos. So let’s do one of those today. Hope you enjoy. (guitar melody) […]

Yoga For Complete Beginners Full Body Yoga Workout | Yoga Dose

– Hey, welcome to the Yoga With Tim, beginner video. So, you’re probably new to the channel if you’re a beginner trying this video out. Welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy what you find here and this style of yoga class. Make sure to drink a lot of water after so that you […]

Detox Vinyasa Flow Yoga Workout | Yoga Dose

– Hey, welcome to the Detox Flow. Yoga in itself is detoxifying. When we practice the poses we twist ourselves, we contract one side, we help to stimulate the organs. But this sequence in particular, I chose some poses that should really help to wring out and to get things moving. So I hope you […]

DAY 2 The Total Yoga Body Workout Challenge | Yoga Dose

– Hi, welcome to day two. We’re building a solid foundation, each day the posture’s gonna become a little more challenging to help build your strength and your flexibility. Hit the like button on the video and subscribe to the channel. Let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright, let’s start off lying down today. So we’re […]

Day 3 Total Yoga Body: Morning Yoga Flow Workout | Yoga Dose

– Alright, day three, welcome back. I’m gonna introduce a standing balancing pose. So, you got that to look forward to. Hey, please hit the like button and subscribe to the channel. Let’s get started. (light acoustic music) Alright, start off on your back today. Arms at your side like cactus shape. Take a few […]

Day 1 Total Yoga Body Workout | Yoga Dose

– Hey welcome to your first video. So I want you to have a solid foundation for your practice. We’re gonna start off with some of the basics. It’s still gonna be a challenging video you don’t have to worry about that. But once you build this foundation I can start to teach you more […]

Yoga Asanas To Shape & Sculpt Your Butt | Glamrs Workout

The glutes or fondly called as the “Butt” has a very important role to play in our body. Other than the fact that a strong derrière looks great, these muscles determine the way we walk, stabilizes the pelvis and takes away the load from the lower back. Hi, I’m nishtha, a certified yoga teacher and […]

Yoga For Your Butt and Thighs

What’s up everyone? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. Today we are in the park and we have a salacious, a salacious? I didn’t mean to say that, I meant sizzling but I’m keep it. We have a salacious and sizzling, strengthening practice for you. You asked for it. This is focusing on the lower body […]