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Hey everybody, welcome back on our channel FitFAQs Where we answer you frequently asked questions about fitness health etc. Today we change thing up a little bit The last couples yoga challenge was in English. That is a good excuse to do another one. This time in Dutch. We’ll be doing other poses than last […]

โยคะท่ายากชาเลนจ์ | Jariyahoney

Yoga challenge Anyone want to do with me? 1st pose likes… Upside down? Woah! so slippy! This pose is very challenging! Am I going to break my neck? Failed! This one is bearable! Not so easy, this one! Did I pass? Hello everyone! Today, I will do yoga challenge You can join me, if you […]

Giving The People What They Want

P: Hey guys! D: Hello Internet! P: Hello D: So…Dan and Phil in 2018, eh? P: Yeah! D: What’s that about? P: Who knows? D: Amiright? D: So we are doing a world tour this summer that actually starts in a few weeks. P: Yes! P: Called Interactive Introverts! D: Great name. P: I know, […]

Healthy living | Yoga in the woods

it’s a beautiful day look at these trees the leaves are still there which is so strange and they’re a lot of these trees this kind of trees the fresh air is awesome it’s really beautiful maybe I will do some yoga without a pad I will try I also started meditation you can call […]

Yoga for Cervical | FitNCalm – 25 min

Hi guys in today’s video we are going to look at a few asanas, few things that are going to help you if you have cervical problem or general problems with the neck as well or if you’re someone who sits for a long time or generally if you want to keep your neck shoulders […]

Teagan Vs Sam Single YOGA challenge TWIN vs TWIN!

Hey guys i’m Teagan and i’m Sam, and we are the Rybka Twins. Welcome back to our Channel! Today guys where Borobudur Indonesia, and we’ve decided to do the single person yoga challenge so that means it is me against Teagan. So we do this like a year ago and we thought it is time […]