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9 Poses Yoga For Cough and Phlem In Chest 🤒 (Medicinal Yoga)

hey guys welcome to jivayogalive my name is Claire today we’re gonna do about a sequence about yoga poses for cough and phlegm alright guys we are going to start on our mats today so we are gonna be using one blog it’s not necessary but I like to use it to sit on as […]

5 Minute Hands Free Yoga Flow For Strength & Balance

welcome this is a five minute hands-free vinyasa flow this is such a great practice for anyone looking for a quick practice targeting the legs and challenging balance and focus starting at the top of the mat big toes to touch on your inhale hands overhead exhale forward whole inhale half lift exhale forward fold […]

The Refugee Yoga Project

It was not easy to cope with all the situation. When I started yoga, everything changed for me. It helped me a lot for my depression and anxiety. Yeah, it’s like a painkiller. I feel very good because my body’s very light now. When I do yoga I feel relaxed and less stressed. It not […]

Yoga for Cervical | FitNCalm – 25 min

Hi guys in today’s video we are going to look at a few asanas, few things that are going to help you if you have cervical problem or general problems with the neck as well or if you’re someone who sits for a long time or generally if you want to keep your neck shoulders […]

Yoga for Headaches | Bharti Yoga

hi everyone welcome to Bharti Yoga. I’m Bharti. I’m sorry you have a headache today hopefully by end of this practice you will feel much better before we start see if you would like to dim the lights of your room and maybe reduce the glare of your computer screens or phones I personally do […]

Bali: A Place of Transformation | Yoga, meditation & the healing arts.

Bali’s the place of magic and transformation and you show up and you might have a plan, but you can’t really follow it. So I always recommend just let Bali take you. Especially for people that are interested in spirituality and yoga is to see that kind of devotion multiple times a day offering to […]

Core Strength Yoga | Amazing 15 Mins Ab Workout w/ Ben

Sup guys, welcome to Warrior Addict, I’m Ben Harrison and today we’re going to be doing a short 15 to 20 minute sequence That’s all about getting a really strong core one of the things that I’ve really emphasized in my own practice and in a class is generating and developing core not a strength […]