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Barbra Noh – Therapeutic Alignment Immersion (Official Trailer)

I’m Barbra Noh and this is the alignment immersion. I’m so happy to be presenting this six session program the alignment immersion is an educational series where you will learn about a therapeutic approach to alignment that will completely transform your practice it’ll make advanced poses possible and it’ll make basic poses more interesting I’ve […]

YogaAccessories Pranayama Cotton Yoga Bolster Review

This Video Review Is Based On : Price, quality, performance, warranty, brand trust, after sales & service, reusability, familiarity and easy to operate. This Yoga bolster provides adequate support for your knee and back. It does not flatten even when you apply excessive pressure on it. It is available in attractive colors including Purple, Blue, […]

Yoga For Healthy Happy Hips

[Music] welcome to tapioca now today I’m going to take you through a class that’s totally dedicated to healthy happy hips now it’s really important I mean it sounds quite light but it is really important to work on your hips to keep them loose and keep them mobile the result of this means that […]

Hatha Yoga (45 Min Class) Pure love!

– Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga, where it’s not about the pose and you don’t have to be perfect. Today’s class hatha yoga. Begin sitting nice and tall, with your shins crossed, and just rest your hands on your knees. Close your eyes. Begin deepening your breath. Coming into your ujjayi pranayama, slightly constricting the back […]

IYCSD – What benefits can I get from Iyengar Yoga?

You can expect many benefits from yoga even from your first class. Students report after their first class the best night sleep they’ve had in a long time Iyengar yoga helps you build your strength your flexibility your powers of concentration. On the physiological level the asanas the postures help increase the efficiency of your […]

Street Yoga – Yoga You Can Do Anywhere!

– What’s up everyone, Welcome to Yoga with Adriene! I’m Adriene, and today on the channel we have on the go yoga, or street yoga. Take your yoga off the mat and into your everyday. This is something that I thought fell in line with our Back to Basics month just remembering that yes, the […]

45 Min Best Yoga Poses for Upper Body Toning and Strengthening

(relaxing music) – Hi, my name is Laura Myren, and today we’re gonna do part two of our yoga strength with upper body program. So let’s get started. Come onto all fours. Shoulders over wrists, hips over knees. And right up into downward facing dog. If you wanna bend one knee at a time, you […]