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Yoga Workout Before Sex ❣️Yoga Routine For Strength & Flexibility

hello gorgeous this yoga workout is for you to have a better night tonight we’re going to work our abdominal muscles we’re going to strenghten our core while stretching our hips and our legs if you want to get in a little bit more in the mood you can light some candles and join me […]

Moon Salutation Flow: Lunar Vinyasa Yoga for Side Body

I like to begin almost all of my classes on the back, hands on the belly. It’s a great way to get some feedback about your own body. About the physiology — your physiology in this moment. Really invite a sense of sinking down, of feeling this profound support of the ground beneath you. Mother […]

Strengthen, Lengthen, and Tone with Victoria Batha’s Pilates Fit Series

Hi, I’m Victoria Batha, and welcome to Pilates Fit. In this series you’ll learn classical mat work order with some variations. You’ll learn how to hold postures and how to work deeper into muscle groups that you’ve probably not focused as deeply before. You will definitely be working the powerhouse. The powerhouse ranges from the […]