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EFT for Anger । Therapy with Amit । Yoga with Amit

Hello, Namaste, Xin Chao, Welcome to Yoga with Amit, I am Amit Namdev and today i brought you another EFT session that is going to work & help your anger so if you are feeling some kind of anger and frustration it really a lot of anger is coming and let’s get out of it […]

Yoga for How to Get Out Of Negative Energy Quickly । Yoga with Amit

Namaste everyone welcome to Yoga with Amit, i’m Amit Namdev and today I would like to share a yoga with you that I practice monarchy gallop or negative energy and how I can get quickly hardwick so let’s practice together if you haven’t subscribed yet then subscribe and click on this Bell icon and stay […]

Welcome to Yoga with Amit 2019

Hello, Namaste, Xin Chao Welcome to Yoga with Amit, I am Amit Namdev and I’m delighted to share with you some of the amazing yoga and EFT Techniques that I’ve been learning and practicing myself throughout 14 years and I’m eager to share with you so make sure to subscribe to my channel as well […]