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Bài tập Yoga nâng cao vẻ đẹp tuổi thanh xuân và kéo dài tuổi thọ

ma-ma-ma-ma-ma Ma-Ma turned her neck one two Three four nine Luigi mother change direction nine eight seven six five four Three two more warm keep Extend arms forward, flexing wrists wrist rotation to turn slowly wave your wrists gently and then spread your arms apart breathe in expiratory straight left breathe in expiratory breathe in […]

Yoga Chest & Hip Opening Poses : Yoga Happy Baby Pose

Next, we will be coming into a pose called Happy Baby Pose. It is also sometimes referred to as Dead Bug, but I prefer Happy Baby, so we will go with that. Let us go ahead and hold onto the back of our thighs. Rolling ourselves all the way down and bringing our knees into […]

Yoga Poses & Equipment : Decorating Yoga Mats

Hi my name is Ashley Ludman with Seaside Yoga and I’m here to talk about designing your own yoga mat. So to keep kids interested in their yoga experience I find it really helpful for them to take part in creating their sacred space. And the sacred space of a yoga class is your yoga […]

Office Yoga Routine for Workers Who Sit at a Desk All Day Long

hey guys my name is Dean welcome to man flow yoga in this video I show you a chest and heart opening yoga routine for people who sit at a desk or work at an office all day this video is being made for a friend of mine and member of the man flow yoga […]

Yoga for Beginners – Preperatory Exercises (Full Body Stretch)

Standing position: Jogging Stand erect and grip the waists on the sides with the palms, thumb backwards and the forefinger forward. Raise the knees alternately, and land on the toes. Increase the height of the raising and the speed gradually, and reduce the same way, breathing through the nostrils. 60 counts each leg, total 120 […]

Yoga Exercises : Yoga: Hand Placement Tips

In this sequence or this shot, we’re going to work on wrist placement, so come onto your hands and knees, and Julie’s demonstrating the spreading of the fingers very well here. Often, clients tell me they get really sore in their wrists, so I’m going to at least teach you some tricks of the trade […]