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Basic Yoga Poses : Yoga: Staff Pose

Let us move to the floor and do some stretching for the front side and the back side at the same time. So, you have come from seated position. You are going to extend the legs forward into Staff Pose. This is like an l-shape. You are making the lower half of the l with […]

Yoga Poses With BOSU Ball : Yoga Poses With BOSU Ball: Locust Pose

Locust pose is great way to strengthen and elongate through the entire body from top of the head to the toes. And you really have to activate your center of gravity. And we’re going to add in the bosu challenge for more of a stability factor. So, make sure that you center yourself over the […]

Standing Yoga Poses : Star Yoga Pose

Star Pose. Again, one of my favorites. So we take a wide step out. And a lot of our weight is on the inside of our foot. Making sure that the feet are pointed forward, imagine your squeezing a big pillow in between the legs. Engage the abs, lift the rib cage, chin parallel to […]

Yoga Exercises : Yoga: Side Crow Pose

We are going to continue with the arm balance sequence and this is a tough pose. It is a variation on crow or side crow. You are going to start by placing the left heel and sitting back, sit bone to the heel. Take your right leg and cross over the left leg. Bring the […]

Yoga Poses & Equipment : Aerobic Yoga Poses

Hi, my name is Ashley Ludman from Seaside Yoga. And a question that is often asked of me is how do I combine my aerobic exercise with my yoga practice? These days we don’t have a lot of time so we want to get everything in together. So depending on the pace on which you […]

Yoga Chest & Hip Opening Poses : Benefits of Yoga

In this series, we will be focusing on poses and postures that will be opening the chest and the hips. These are both areas of the body that tend to be pretty tight in Americans. We often have jobs where we are sitting at a desk all day long. Or, we are standing for long […]

Prenatal Yoga : Prenatal Yoga: Downward Dog Pose

So now we’ll be showing you how to do Downward Dog for second trimester in prenatal yoga. Downward Dog is also called, Adho Mukha Svanasana. So in your Downward Facing Dog second trimester, what you want to do is have your hands right underneath your shoulders, knees are hip distance apart, right underneath the hips. […]

Basic Yoga Poses : Yoga: Low Cobra

I’m Linda Black. We’re going to continue with the Sun Salutations, moving into a series in a Low Cobra. It’s just to teach you some basic opening of the shoulders and stretching in the pectoralis muscle, important in your athletic agility and ability. So again, bringing the arms overhead on an inhale, deep breath; exhale […]

Yoga Poses & Equipment : Airex Yoga Mats

Hi, my name is Ashley Ludman with Seaside Yoga, here to review Airex Yoga Mats. So the Airex Mat is a type of yoga mat but it’s not considered essentially as sticky mat, it has some give to it, so it’s called close cell foam. Once you place your foot, or you hand, or your […]