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Yoga Poses With BOSU Ball : Yoga Poses With BOSU Ball: Downward Dog

Downward Dog, one of the most commonly poses use in Yoga. We’re going to perfect it with the bosu. First, we’re going to start with the, the dome up. And you want to assume the position, just like you would on a regular mat, coming down with your hands right underneath the shoulders. Bringing your […]

Seated, Kneeing & Lying Yoga Poses : Upward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

Now we are going to do upward facing down. Upward facing dog we start in a laying position. Plant the pelvis, plant the legs and plant the feet into the Earth, drawing the hands so they’re right beside the chest and lifting up through the thoracic spine which is the middle of the spine, draw […]

Yoga Poses & Equipment : Yoga for Children

Hi, my name is Ashley Ludman, from Seaside Yoga, and I’m here today, to talk to you a little bit about yoga for kids. Yoga is such a popular discipline these days, that you’ll find yoga for every style of class, from babies to toddlers, to younger children, to teenagers, and so on, so oftentimes, […]

Yoga Poses & Equipment : Wai Lani Yoga Mats

Hi, my name is Ashley Ludman from Seaside Yoga, here to review the Wai Lani brand of yoga mats. This is a brand of mat that is based in Hawaii. And it’s offered quite early through the United States. And I’ve actually seen and practiced on some of these mats. They’re great standard mats, they’re […]

Yoga Energy Exercises : Yoga: Spine Extension

I’m Julie Branum. Coming into the next frame, we’re at downward facing dog. Extending the spine nice and long. And on your exhale, go ahead and softly place the knees down back onto the mat, onto all fours position. Good. Inhale here with a neutral spine, exhale, let the heart draw down towards the thumbs, […]

Yoga: Lying Postures : Yoga: Dead Bug Pose

Dead bug, I love dead bug, it’s so fun. It makes me feel like a little kid. So all I’m going to do for dead bug is I’m going to lift my legs to the sky, I’m going to lift my arms to the sky and just like a dead bug in the water you […]

Prenatal Yoga : Prenatal Yoga: Warrior 2 Pose

So in this clip Katie’s going to be showing us how to do virabhadrasana 2, or warrior 2 for women who are in their second trimester of pregnancy, in prenatal yoga. (So Katie, go ahead and step your feet about one of your own leg lengths apart). And for this pose we’re going to be […]

Yoga Poses : Yoga: Standing Lunge on the Left Side

O.k. This is standing lunge, the other side with our left leg going back. So starting in downward dog as an option. It’s a nice transition into standing lunge. Remember, we’re breathing. We take a nice big step forward with our right foot. There we go. Alright, so we’ve got our right foot plated into […]

Zen Yoga Back Stretches : Zen Yoga Star Burst Pose

So begin just lying on your back with your back straight and your feet flopped apart. For this star burst stretch, what we’re going to do is, open the legs out, expand them out. At the same time we’re going to take the arms up and out as well. So you should feel as if, […]