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The Best Mat for Power Yoga for Sweaty Hot Vinyasa Review

number two be furious I am here to share with you my absolute number one favorite map for power yoga and vinyasa yoga but second interval and power yoga and this is definitely guys I will link it below and I spoke to him the owner of the company in he promised to put on […]

Energizing Yoga Sequence – Yoga for Energy and Focus

Energizing Yoga Sequence – Yoga for Energy and Focus Sit comfortably on a chair or on the floor with your back upright. You will tense and relax your body with the breath. Inhale and tense your entire body until it vibrates, exhale through your mouth and gradually relax. Inhale, vibrate with your stress, exhale, let […]

Morning Yoga Flow For Energy

welcome this is a morning yoga flow to help get the energy going for the day ahead as always listen to the body do what feels good for you today let’s come to standing at the top of the mat bein circulating the head just feeling out the clicks and ticks opposite direction bein circulating […]