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45 Min Best Yoga Poses for Upper Body Toning and Strengthening

(relaxing music) – Hi, my name is Laura Myren, and today we’re gonna do part two of our yoga strength with upper body program. So let’s get started. Come onto all fours. Shoulders over wrists, hips over knees. And right up into downward facing dog. If you wanna bend one knee at a time, you […]

Dedicate – Day 4 – Feel | Yoga With Adriene

– Howdy everyone and welcome to Dedicate. Your 30 day yoga journey. It’s Day 4, Feel. Let’s get started. (bright music) Okey doke, my friends. Welcome back. Let’s begin today’s session in Extended Child’s Pose. So come on down to the ground. Of course, take your time. Pay attention to your breath even as you’re […]

Yoga Workout w/ Gloria Baraquio at The Springs LA

Welcome to The Heart Alchemy Yoga Workout yoga video the hi and welcome back to heart alchemy oh god my name is Gloria braque you and I’m at the Springs LA in the Downtown Arts District Los Angeles thanks for joining us today for all love you just need thirty-minute seven-eighths yoga stretch workout this […]

Yoga For Stress | Living Healthy Chicago

Here on Living Healthy Chicago we love a good healthy habit that promotes mental well-being. Today we’re going to check one out that’s very popular for that, yoga. So let’s meet a woman who describes it as an essential part of her week. (upbeat instrumental music) Sometimes the best way to pick up a healthy […]

Dedicate – Day 13 – Space | Yoga With Adriene

– Hi everyone and welcome to Dedicate, your 30 day yoga journey. It’s lucky Day 13. And today’s an awesome practice because we remember, we remind ourselves and each other that we are worthy of good and we must practice making space for that good to come rollin’ on in. So hop into something comfy […]

Dedicate – Day 9 – Divine | Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up everyone, and welcome to Dedicate, your 30 day yoga journey. You guys we’re doing this. It’s Day 9, Week 2 and for today’s practice we’re focusing on the divine within. Let’s get started. (bright music) Alrighty, my darling friends, let’s begin on all fours today. Right away start to notice how you […]