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Blissful Yoga Flow ♥ One Yoga Class To Rule Them All

The movement of breath The simple action of life that moment that we never think about but it is always there Fuelling us with the simple energy of existence As you step on the mat today I I want you to pause Welcome the energy the prana into your being And as you exhale Remind […]

One Month of Yoga – Episode 2 | Bharti Yoga

Hey guys welcome to day two of one month of yoga. Before starting today’s practice I would suggest you keep a scarf or belt handy as you might need as a prop today once you have that we are ready to start today’s routine may the force be with you let’s start by sitting in […]

13 Simple Poses To Keep Fit (Especially for Ladies)

Hi, Brightsiders! It’s time to talk about female health, and consider a few yoga asanas that’d be perfect for improving the health and mood of any woman. But you fellas don’t need to skip this video. Even though these simple exercises are perfect for the girls, you might also find them useful to improve your […]

Beginner Morning Yoga for Women | 10-Min | Energizing Wake Up Vinyasa Flow

(relaxing piano music) – Good morning my friends. I’m Brett Larkin and I’m super excited to have teamed up with Bellabeat Leaf to bring you this special morning routine. You don’t need any prior yoga experience to do this one with me guys. It is fun and feel-good. Let’s get started. (relaxing piano music) To […]

Best Yoga For Anxiety ♥ Perfect Body & Mind Cleanse

hey guys welcome to costa rica we are on a beach north of santa teresa and I’ve got a yoga for anxiety for you today this yoga class is great for you to do when you’ve really had a bad day or if you wake up in the morning and you’re just filled with this […]

Yoga For Flexibility & Strength ♥ Quiet The Mind And The Soul Will Whisper

Air the element of creativity intellect Intention and the deeper connection to the universal life force Unlike other elements air is a constant mover Helping us find a deeper connection to the mind intuition and our soul Air is there to remind us that there’s so much more to this existence than we can see […]

Yoga For When You’re Sore (with special guest)

Hey, everyone welcome to “Yoga With Adriene.” I’m Adriene and today we have a quick sequence for when you’re feeling sore. So this isn’t a big yoga practice that targets every major muscle group. This is just a little dedee that I think would be great if you’re like 24 or 48 hours after your […]