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Superfit Hero Clothing Review: Hiking by the James River

(upbeat music) – Hey there. It’s Amber Karnes from Body Positive Yoga, and I’m here today to talking to you about Superfit Hero. Superfit Hero makes these awesome leggings. And they have pockets. They’re premium athletic wear. So they are built, constructed and made super well. They’re made right here in the USA. The fabrics […]

The Way The Tea & The Life Podcast (episode 777)

This smells so good. Hello and welcome back to “The Way, The Tea and The Life.” As always, I’m your host, Tabitha. and I’m your host, Trinitea. We want to get right into our most popular segment today which is of course, Is it a sin? Yeah, this is where we tell you if something […]

Things That Are Banned In Schools Which Don’t Make Any Sense

Bizarre Things Students Are Banned From Doing At Schools Students, whether you’re in high school, elementary school, or even university, listen up! When it comes to teaching the next generation of students, there’s a long line of history of certain objects that may be banned from your classroom. From skinny jeans to yoga pants, there […]

(EN/日) 레깅스 트라이 온 하울 EP1 [소리]

SoRi’s Youtube Channnel Hi everybody I am SoRi My daily clothes style denim jean which are quite in trend since a few year ago and also leggings As I am going to practice studio a lot I also wear training suit So today I will show to you the leggings I am wearing the most […]

5 Best Yoga Pants

In this video review we breakdown best 5 products based on : Price, quality, performance, warranty, brand trust, after sales & service, reusability, familiarity and easy to operate. Number 5 : Terez Tall Band Leggings If you’re looking to stand out or add some flair to your routine, this brand is known for its fun […]

People test Cut & Sew leggings: Printful

I have never worn our leggings before. I wear them every day, because they’re super comfy. I expect them to be cute. I’m expecting to be pleasantly surprised. It’s like Christmas, but better because you like it. Kind of got this. Super cute! They feel so sleek. So much color came out, I’m so surprised. […]