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Yoga Poses & Equipment : Prana Yoga Mats

Hi my name is Ashley Ludman from Seaside Yoga and I’m here to review the Prana yoga mats. The Prana is a company that offers yoga and outdoor apparel as well as yoga accessories. On their website www.prana.com, you’ll be able to find different styles of yoga mats. Those of you who are interested in […]

YogaAccessories Pranayama Cotton Yoga Bolster Review

This Video Review Is Based On : Price, quality, performance, warranty, brand trust, after sales & service, reusability, familiarity and easy to operate. This Yoga bolster provides adequate support for your knee and back. It does not flatten even when you apply excessive pressure on it. It is available in attractive colors including Purple, Blue, […]

Yoga Supine Beginners Sequence : Supta Bada Konasana Yoga Pose

So, our next pose we’re going to practice more like restful and some breathing. So, you’re going to take the soles of your feet together. The soles of your feet together let the knees open more wide out to the sides. If you find that this is uncomfortable in any way in your hips or […]

Yoga Poses & Equipment : Yoga for Children

Hi, my name is Ashley Ludman, from Seaside Yoga, and I’m here today, to talk to you a little bit about yoga for kids. Yoga is such a popular discipline these days, that you’ll find yoga for every style of class, from babies to toddlers, to younger children, to teenagers, and so on, so oftentimes, […]

Yoga Poses for Headache Relief : Yoga Child Pose to Relieve Headache

ELIZABETH ROSE: Okay, this next pose is a child’s pose, only we’re going to do it [INDISCERNIBLE] fashion and support our body while we’re doing it. For this pose, you’re going to need a couple of blankets or bolster or yoga block. You’re going to work it out however it feels best for you. This […]

Chair Yoga : Chair Yoga: Warrior I Pose

Next we are going to look at Warrior 1 pose both seated in the chair as well as standing behind the chair and using the chair for support. So if we’re going to choose the seated option let’s start by scooting ourselves to the corner of the chair and then we’re going to bring the […]

Yoga Poses for Headache Relief : Yoga Breaths to Relieve Headache

ELIZABETH ROSE: So this first thing is Dirga Pranayama which is just a three-part breath. It helps to align the spine and get you in a relaxed space. You can do this seated in an easy seated pose. If your knees come up in easy seated pose, you’re going to want to sit on a […]